Hot Alpha SEALs Anthology

Military Romance Megaset

If you love SEALS, you’ll love this box set. There are SEALS however you want them; active duty, retired, wounded, in their prime, funny, serious but always sexy. Each story is a perfect showcase of its author and each is different and unique. Several are very short stories, two are the first chapter of a serial series and others are full stories that aren’t quite full length novels. Some are part of series but definitely stand alone. All in all, there is something for everyone though not everything may be to everyone’s taste. Nice thing is, you can just skip that story and move to another. There are plenty of choices and you’re sure to love most of them. I enjoyed reading some of my favorite authors and found some new authors to me to check out more. However, I will also say that I found an author that I will avoid. But, overall, besides getting an overdose of SEALS, I found that I really liked this box set and find that it is well worth the money.

The box set starts out with a short story. Only around 50 pages, this story gives you a look into the physical training of a SEAL. It’s followed by a much longer story by Cat Johnson which will show you a different side of the SEALs and soon you will be fully into this world of strong men and the equally strong women who love them. But, don’t get too comfortable because Cindy Dees has a twist in her story. How about a woman SEAL? And forget southern California. Hello, Louisiana. And, so it goes with each story showing a different side of the SEALs until you get to the heart wrenching last story that will have you ready to cry. What happens when a SEAL is faced with an enemy he can’t fight? From start to finish, you’ll be on a roller coaster ride of emotions and thrills as these SEALs become real.

Book Blurb for Hot Alpha SEALs Anthology

12 New York Times, USA Today or Award-winning bestselling Hot Alpha Authors brings you this Military Romance Megaset for your reading pleasure.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.00