Holiday Spice

The Shaughnessy Brothers Book 6

This looks to be the last book in the Shaughnessy series as the last single people in the family are getting married by the end of the book. This story is spectacular as it meshes two very different people and shows two very different ways of dealing with grief as well as two very different families. I loved it. There was lots of depth and emotion going on from Darcy thinking Ben had a crush on one of her sisters-in-law to Ben trying to ignore Christmas. Misunderstandings, fights and pure romance are jumbled up with nosey and noisy family and family surprises. However, I think the most poignant parts of the book are those when Darcy is trying to connect with her mother. Truly this is a romance that you can’t miss….even if you’ve never read a single other Shaughnessy story. It’s so much more than just a Christmas story. It’s a story on healing, family and the importance of love and acceptance.

Ben has a book coming out about his work but he’s absolutely no good at getting it together which is why he asked his friend, Savannah, to help out. She’s not able to come but she’s sending her sister-in-law, Darcy. Darcy is super good at organizing stuff and Savannah thinks she’s perfect for this job. Ben isn’t so sure. However, he’s willing to give her a chance. They seem to start out okay but suddenly Darcy is cold instead of the warm person she first was. What happened?

Book Blurb for Holiday Spice

Darcy Shaughnessy has gotten used to her overbearing brothers chasing away any man she wants to date. But a chance meeting with a brooding — and deliciously handsome — artist is about to make this holiday season one to remember.

There's only one thing Benjamin Tanner loves more than his woodcarving: solitude. Then he gets snowed in with Darcy in his cozy cabin in the woods, and their heated feelings begin to melt the icy barrier between them.

With Ben's need for privacy and Darcy's love of family and social life, will opposites still attract once the snow clears and the holiday festivities come to an end?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 5.00