His Dark and Dangerous Ways

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His Dark and Dangerous Ways

Miss Jane Chatham was born to lower gentry. Unfortunately, her parents died and a cousin has inherited the family estates and Jane is not welcome. Making her way to London, Jane is determined to find respectable employment. She is currently teaching small children to dance. This is not normally done and usually dancers are seen as loose women but Jane is only an instructor and would never consider performing! Her position is precarious as usually small children aren't taught to dance and usually dance instructors are men. Lady Harwood aka Lydia Stanton has hired her though for the novelty of it.

Simon Atwood or Lord Granger has had a rough few years. Things are looking up now that he has escaped from a French prison and Napoleon is exiled. Due to his experiences, he has decided to give up spying and settle down to the responsibilities of his rank and position, however, not as far as marriage. When close friend and fellow spy, Proctor asks Simon to check out Lady Harwood and her relationship with his younger brother, Simon does so with reluctance. He does want some inside help though and asks Jane to relay to him any gossip she should her from the servants and in return he will pay her. Though not too sure if it is morally correct, Jane agrees.

A short time later, Proctor also asks her to spy for him as does Lady Harwood and none of them want anyone else to know! Jane has no idea who to trust and what is going on. Things get even harder to figure out as Simon is not only poisoned but some one tries to run him over with a carriage! Who's trying to kill Simon or are they just trying to scare him away? Why is Proctor so worried about his brother and what is his relationship with Lady Harwood? And what is Lady Harwood really trying to do, find a husband or ????

I found this book amusing. Not only where several people trying to get information for various reasons but while Jane is trying to do the correct things, things don't always turn out the way she hopes. When teaching her charges to twirl, Jane falls in front of several gentlemen as well as Lady Harwood. Thinking she will be dismissed for such a display, she is congratulated as it brings more people to Lady Harwood's home. However, they all want to watch the dancing lessons with hope that Jane will once again fall and perhaps display more than is proper.

When Jane ends up coming back to her boarding house after hours and is thrown out, Simon helps out by checking her into a hotel as Polly Piggott. Not exactly a great name and not one easily forgotten.

Trying to figure out who is doing what and why was interesting. The end surprised me and the characters reactions were not exactly what I expected. Still, it was a good ending and I enjoyed reading how the characters figured out who done it.

Book Blurb for His Dark and Dangerous Ways

He was a man of mystery... Simon Atwood, Lord Granger was a handsome nobleman whose face was hounted by a secret sorrow. Jane Chatham was an enchanting dance teacher who had good reason to be suspicious of Lord Granger's intentions. When he enlists her help, can the well-bred young woman prove to be a worthy partner in espionage and love?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00