Highland Spitfire

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Highland Spitfire

Highland Weddings, #1

I absolutely loved this book and the only complaint that I can think of is I stayed up way too late on a work night reading it. This story is full of treachery, compromises and promises. The Highlands come alive as two clans are forced to end hostilities that have been going on for generations. Ailis knows that marriage is just a contract for power and for the good of the clan. Bhaic knows he will be taking over his clan and must learn diplomacy. Their struggles against each other, their clans and the future of Scotland come alive. I found myself wondering where this story was going, how it was going to end and what would become of these characters. Some of the secondary characters made themselves known and I truly hope that they get their own books soon. This was an extremely realistic historical that will keep you glued to each page. I loved it.

The MacPherson clan has been requested to meet with the man who is leading Scotland until the king becomes old enough. The Robertson clan has also been invited. These two clans have been feuding for several generations. Neither expects a trap but both find themselves in one. Their lives are in the hands of Bhaic and Ailis. Either they wed or both clans will be killed. Is there a way to get out of this? Can things work out?

Book Blurb for Highland Spitfire

New from Mary Wine, the queen of sizzling, page-turning Scottish Historical romance

Passion flares between enemies

Two hotheaded Highlanders, the offspring of feuding lairds, are tricked by the King's Regent into a desperate choice: marry or die. Bhaic MacPherson is more disposed to lead his clan into battle than stay married to the daughter of his enemy. But perhaps the intensity of his feelings has more to do with desire than hostility.

And the Highlands ignite

Ailis Robertson wanted a husband, not a savage-but when her family was faced with a deadly ultimatum, she had no choice. The union of a MacPherson and a Robertson could end three generations of hostilities between the two families, but can bitter rivals truly become lovers?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00