Highland Hellcat

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Highland Hellcat

The Highlander Series, #2

Brina Chattan destiny is the nearby abbey. Her father, the Laird, promised her there as a babe. Growing up Brina wore undyed clothing to set her apart and she learned humility early on. She also learned many skills most girls did not like riding astride and hunting with a bow. As she would not have a man to rely on, she needed these skills to provide for the abbey, once she became the mother superior. 
Brina’s older sisters, Deirdre and Kaie are betrothed to neighboring clans, alliances that would make each clan stronger. Kaie though wants to join the church while Deirdre is positive she is in love with Melor Douglas. Deirdre is found with Melor and her virtue is long gone. Shamed, she is returned home but what of her betrothed, Connor Lindsey?
Connor is the Laird of his clan. Though his parents were eventually married, they weren’t when he was born which caused many of the clan to call him bastard. Still, he became Laird and now is looking for alliances to make his clan stronger. He wants one with Chattan but doesn’t want a spoiled daughter. To this end, he takes Brina, defying convention. Can he convince her to marry him or will he have to force her?
Brina is bound to the church and has never planned on marrying. Yet, she finds herself learning to like Connor’s touch. Torn between two loyalties, which should she hold on to?
This is a wonderful historical novel with dashing heroes and strong women. Clan intrigue comes into play as power struggles emerge. Fantastic use of an interesting time in Scotland’s history.
Scotland had a period of time when a child held the throne. A strong clan could influence the future of Scotland and the Douglas clan decided they should do it. Other highland clans needed to balance that power or be taken over.  Marriage united clans and daughters were excellent pawns. Only through balance could Scotland remain at peace and not have England take them over.
The clans need to be strong and so are these characters. All of the men have convictions and determined attitudes. It could make them extremely arrogant but instead gives them a confident feel. Connor has responsibilities to his clan and sister yet he quickly learns that the hellcat he stole from the church keeps his interest just as much. He keeps his honor as he woos his lady. Brina has been brought up to honor her vows and be independent. She knows she is promised to the church and only has to convince Connor of this fact. But as time goes on, does she even want to try?
But among the intrigue of clan power, there is a wonderful love story. Brina doesn’t just fall into Connor’s plans and Connor learns that Brina is well able to stand up to him. Yet, trust is built and a marriage or two might happen.   Between discussions are kisses and seduction and sometimes when you don’t expect it, a bit of humor.
This book sets up more books to come which is great as I fell in love with these characters, this era and these families. Brina has one more sister to come into play and the highlands have a couple of sexy Lairds looking for brides. I can’t wait to read more!

Book Blurb for Highland Hellcat

In the raw, rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, tumultuous times bred warrior men and women who fought for country, keep, and kin, and loved as passionately as they lived. An illegitimate son, chosen as laird after the ruling Douglas clan slaughtered his family, Connor Lindsay is surrounded by men who challenge his right to lead. Looking for a virtuous bride to cement his leadership by presenting him with an heir, he kidnaps a feisty laird’s daughter. To keep this Highland Hellcat in his bed, he’ll have to do battle with the Douglases, the Church, and most of all Brina herself.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.75