High and Wild

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High and Wild

The Bush Riders, #1

This is a western with a lot of sex……and I mean a lot. Almost every female character that Bear encounters, he has sex with. It doesn’t matter if she’s young, old or in between. Bear is written as larger than life as well as a very large man who doesn’t really work on controlling his cardinal urges. Do not expect any emotion with the sex; it’s all about sexual pleasure. Okay, enough about the “erotic” aspect of this book. The story itself was okay. Bear and Raven are assigned as partners that can’t interact with each other while being undercover. That leads to two separate stories heading to the same end point. While I didn’t find much humor in this story, I did enjoy it. It was full of adventures, most were a bit unbelievable but made for interesting reading. I did enjoy several of the secondary characters and would have liked to see more of them. Perhaps in future stories they will make an appearance. Overall, not a bad book but not a great one either. I will recommend it to some men that I know enjoy western stories.

Bear Haskell is a Pinkerton agent and seems to always get assigned cases that seem almost impossible. Raven York is also a Pinkerton agent and for the first time she’s working in the western US. Paired together to try to find out what happened to a man lost in mining country, they learn that they don’t particularly care for each other, their methods of investigation are nothing alike and there is an immense attraction between them. Pinkerton forbids agents to become involved with each other so are they going to keep this strictly business or will their sexual needs win out?

Book Blurb for High and Wild

The first exciting novel in a series of erotic westerns featuring two undercover agents, Bear Haskell and his sometimes sidekick, Raven York.

Bear Haskell is a rough and tumble Texan and veteran of the Civil War who fought on the side of the Union. Raven York is a proud Yankee from a wealthy eastern family with aristocratic ties to Scotland. Dissatisfied with her life as a rich, well-traveled, and educated heiress, Raven headed West against her family’s wishes and went to work for Allan Pinkerton as an undercover agent.

As Pinkerton’s top agents, Bear Haskell and Raven York get all the toughest assignments: tracking down killers, kidnappers, con artists, bank robbers, and train bandits of every stripe throughout the West. But the two couldn’t be more different and are constantly at odds with each other. While they do not care for each other personally, they respect each other’s work. And, they hunger for each other in the bedroom.

Conflicted by their professional and ravenously sexual relationship, Bear and Raven do not confine their sexual adventures to each other. In fact, Pinkerton strictly forbids his agents from becoming personally or sexually involved with each other. Still, their paths are clearly intertwined, and the two must find a way to work together as they navigate—and trip over—the often humorous muddle of sexual temptation against the backdrop of the late-nineteenth-century West.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50