Hiding in Plain Sight

Safe Harbor

Two manly men on a journey of discovery make this romance outstanding. Each is gay and the sex is well written and hot but the emotions that each shares is what will grip your attention and have this story stay with you well after you’ve finished reading it. No, there isn’t gushy girly stuff but normal male hard headed comments and actions. These are men, not boys so when a soft word or comment comes out, it’s cherished and heartwarming. Vlad grew up not realizing that he was gay and in a country that will arrest you for being gay. Joe is out and has been out for a while. He was with Delta Force until an injury forces his discharge. Vlad isn’t sure how to be gay while Joe isn’t sure where he’s going in life. Each knows that their journey of discovery starts with one step at a time but it sure would be nice to share that journey with someone you care about! Ms Carr does an exceptional job taking two men and sharing their lives, love and dreams.

This is a second book in a series but you do not need to read the first to thoroughly enjoy this book. Each book stands alone. You also do not need to be a hockey fan to enjoy this book. While hockey is an element in this book, the games are not a major part. Also, while I am not a big fan of m/m romance, I am a big fan of Ms Carr’s which lead me to giving this book a try. I am so glad I did because I fell in love with the characters and hope to see more of them. This story is so much more than just two gay guys falling in love.

Joe is just relaxing at a gay bar in Pittsburgh when hockey player, Vlad Gusev shows up. While it appears Vlad is looking for a fight, and after comments he made during the Olympics no one would be surprised, Joe notices a confused look in his eyes. Based on that look, Joe follows Vlad out of the bar. After meeting up elsewhere and talking, Joe learns that Vlad is a gay man that has no idea of how to come out of the closet. Joe has no desire to get involved with him but he does realize that Vlad needs someone to talk to. Can Joe be that someone without getting involved? And, what about his friend with benefits he left in the Army? How will this play out?

Book Blurb for Hiding in Plain Sight

Book 2 of the Safe Harbor male/male sports romance series. Book 1 is See the Light. Each can be read as a standalone. Vladimir Gusev exists in a living hell. A year ago in the Olympics the professional hockey player was forced to use a homophobic slur during a game, and guilt is eating him from the inside out. Not only is Vladimir not a homophobe, but in the aftermath of the Olympics, he was finally able to admit his true nature to himself. Yet he's been taught homosexuality is a sin, so he tries to push away his feelings, but to no avail.

Joe Bufford is an out gay man and an ex-Delta Force member who was medically discharged after an injury to his hand leaves him no longer able to perform his duties. His job as a mechanic at the airport is hardly a long-term career choice, but Joe has no idea where he can utilize the skills he learned in the Army.

Vladimir and Joe meet, and Joe instantly recognizes Vladimir as a terrified closet case. Before he knows it, Joe is offering to help Vladimir figure out what he is and what he wants. As time goes on, Joe begins to hope more and more that the answers to those questions lie with him.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00