This book brings four really great authors together to present four terrific stories with some strong heroines that can do more than kick a little butt!

In Ilona Andrews's world where shape shifters are known and crushes are still very real, comes a story about a white tiger and her alpha. Dali Harimau is not what she thinks a white tiger should be. Dali has to wear glasses and is small. To prove herself, she races a dangerous mountainside where she crashes more than she finishes but the virus that makes her a tiger also quickly heals her. Jim, her alpha, shows up at Dali's house needing her help to translate what appears to be an oriental symbol. Dali quickly figures out that Jim needs more than translation work when he can't seem to focus or stay awake. Backtracking Jim's movements has Dali discovering several dead shifters and one very vengeful being. If Dali doesn't risk her life to buy a golden snail, the next death will be Jim's and Dali will do anything she can to keep Jim alive. After all, Jim's her mate, even if he doesn't recognize it! Can she do this and maybe more? Find out in Magic Dreams!

Ice Shards by Yasmine Galenorn is located in a totally different world. The heroine is this tale is a Finnish house sprite who has been thrown out of the temple where she was to take over due to the belief she's killed her best friend and lover. Iris doesn't remember exactly what happened but she needs to know so she can get the curse the priestesses gave her broke. Iris has dreams of marrying and having children. This won't happen unless the curse is gone. She heads to the cold with a few friends to find out the truth. This truth will either set her free or end her life. Regardless, Iris needs to know. What she finds out is her goddess hasn't turned her back on her chosen one but just changed her mission. It will take all of her skill and cunning to come out of this alive but will it only be to turn herself in for death?

Janet Begay can walk storms but after a hex is placed on her hotel/casino, she can't leave the building. Trapped with her are a few friends, a few guests and her boyfriend, Mick, that is a dragon. While they work on figuring out how to break the hex, they also have to deal with a Nightwalker needing blood. Can Allyson James have her characters figure out how to break the "Double Hexed" before someone dies?

The final story in this book is by Jeanne C. Stein and it's called Blood Debt. Bounty hunter Anna Strong is also a vampire. Three witches earlier helped her kill a dark witch in a sanctuary. Anna wasn't aware of that area's status but now she has to face trail for breaking that status. If she wins, she will go free and save one of the witch's brother but if she looses, their lives are forfeit. There is something strange with the prosecutor though. Can Anna figure it out and will it be to her advantage?

Each of these stories are exceptionally well written. They feel as if they are spin offs of series or another book but they can stand alone and be thoroughly enjoyed.

The characters are very well developed and interesting. From tiny sprits with big hearts to vampires, each is unique and special. None are boring and none seem to follow a stereotype making them fresh.

The worlds that these characters operate in are as different as the characters. Each has its own rules and landscape. Within pages, they come alive and become real.

If you've never read these authors, this would be a good book to introduce yourself to their work. The diversity that is displayed is fantastic and the author's artistry on bringing their worlds and characters alive is phenomenal. You might find a couple of new favorite authors or at least one or two that you want to read more stories from.

If you read these authors work, you should enjoy returning to worlds from their previous books and learning about what next or what happened to that minor character.

I really enjoyed this book. I haven't read a lot from any of these authors but I'm sure going to try now. They have some really good worlds out there that I wouldn't mind exploring.

Book Blurb for Hexed

Four of the bestselling names in romance and fantasy come together in this collection of thrilling novellas featuring powerful women who know how to handle a hex or two.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.75