Hexed and Vexed

This is truly a magical short story. It starts with heartbreak and ends with happiness. I loved the characters and the worst witch in witching school. There was a wonderful balance of back story and the current issues which is really hard to do with such a short story. The world created was fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about this story. I loved it. The only bad things that I can say is I wanted more. More of these characters, more of this world and there isn’t any. This is a stand alone book that could easily become a series but isn’t one yet. But, if you have a couple of hours, read this book. It’s awesome.

Olive really doesn’t want to walk down the aisle and really hates her dress. The man waiting at the alter is the man she’s loved since she was 14 years old and he’s marrying her sister! Olive doesn’t know what went wrong 6 months ago but suddenly, Campbell left the apartment they shared to live with her sister. Olive would love to get Campbell alone for just a few minutes to get answers but it doesn’t seem like that will happen; or will it?

Book Blurb for Hexed and Vexed

Olive White has had a terrible six months. It's not bad enough that years earlier she earned the nickname "Worst Witch In Witching School," she is now being forced to watch the love of her life, Campbell Bane, marry her sister Cindy. And she’s being asked to do so in a pink, puke-colored bridesmaid’s dress. Vexed doesn’t begin to describe how she feels.

Her powers pick the wedding as the perfect moment to turn on, zapping both her ex and her to a magical island not found on any map. Someone is bound to find them, but perhaps Olive can get some answers, once and for all.

When Campbell falls ill, she uses her considerable skills to save his life, but can she believe him when he tells her he still loves her and always has? Was he hexed, or is it all a flimsy excuse for breaking her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00