Heroes at Risk

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Heroes at Risk

Hero Series, #1

Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro (Taro) Karish have returned from the Southern Islands to High Scape, the city where the academy for Shields and Sources is.ÿThey returned to the residence where all graduated Shields and Sources stay while either awaiting to be paired or waiting for assignment.ÿWhile in residence they will take their turn on the High Scape roster.

Shields and Sources divert the energy from natural disasters.ÿThe Source will lower their guarding shields allowing the energy to flow into them.ÿThe Shield's job is to shield the source and protect them.ÿShields and Sources bond for life and when one dies the other will follow within days.ÿThese bonds are seen as pure and seldom is there anything sexual within them.ÿShields and Sources look to regular people for that type of activity.ÿThey also do not have to pay for anything.ÿAs they do not accept payment for their protection, they are permitted to take anything they want.

Lee and Taro have changed since their trip to the Southern Islands.ÿThey have also begun to sleep together which has some pairs telling them that they are deviant.ÿLee has a regular who had begun courting her prior to their trip and he's still in the picture much to Taro's dismay.ÿLee knows Taro has had hundreds of lovers and that her time with him is probably very limited so she kind of looks at Doran as a backup plan.ÿDoran while saying he agrees to wait as a friend continues to press the issue.ÿHow far can he press before Lee has to make a decision or before Taro looses his temper?

As they wait for their next assignment, Lee and Taro become aware of a growing tend within the city.ÿMagic, which is basically outlawed, is becoming more and more popular.ÿOne of the strangest ingredients that people are wanting is the ashes of lucky dead people.ÿHow far are people willing to go to get them?ÿAlso, along the river banks people are getting very ill.ÿNo one knows the cause.ÿWhen Taro attempts to heal one of these people, he notices that the illness in unnatural.ÿCan these two problems be related?ÿDo Lee and Taro really want to investigate something that has nothing to do with them?

Heroes at Risk is the fourth book in a series by Moira J. Moore.ÿYou do not have to read the previous books to enjoy this one though this one is so good you'll want to find the previous ones!ÿThroughout the book you are teased by previous happenings.ÿYou get enough information to understand what is happening in this part of Lee and Taro's adventures but not the full story.ÿIt really sounds as if they had a very interesting time in the Southern Islands.

The characters are very well written.ÿEveryone from the main characters to secondary characters are presented with individuality and personality.ÿNot all Shield/Source Pairs are male/female.ÿAnd not all Pairs present a united front.ÿNot every Shield or Source forms a bond.ÿEven the regular characters are done well from the carriage drivers to bartenders to healers.ÿThe wonderful quirks that are given to everyone only sparks the readers interest.

As Lee and Taro attempt to figure out how and why everyone is getting sick, Lee's life becomes in danger.ÿShe doesn't recognize it though thinking it is Taro everyone should be after.ÿTaro doesn't immediately realize that anything is wrong but when he does, is it too late?ÿSecrets come out and tables turn before this problem is solved.

The world that is presented is well thought out.ÿThere is a hierarchy in place and rules that govern the society.ÿExpectations are laid out for the different classes of people and for the Shields and Sources.ÿWithin a few pages, the world takes on a feel of reality and comes together allowing you to understand how to maneuver in it.

This book is a fantasy novel with a romantic interest.ÿThere are not drawn out love scenes but a couple trying to figure out their relationship.ÿ

I really enjoyed this story and immediately suggestedÿto my husband that he read it.ÿIt's a story that can cross genres and be enjoyed by all.

Book Blurb for Heroes at Risk

Shield Lee Mallorough and her Source Shintaro Karish have returned to High Scape. It's bad enough the townspeople are robbing tombs for ashes to use in ritualistic magic. It gets worse when they start to murder the living for their remains.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 5.00