Heart of the Exiled

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Heart of the Exiled

Eliani left her newly hand fasted lover, Turisan, the morning after their ceremony. Her mission was more important than her relationship with Turisan, though Turisan was necessary for her mission. Eliani and Turisan are the first mindspeakers known to their people. What is unknown is the distance that they can communicate. With a war possible with the Clan Darkshore along with a possible invasion from the Kobalen, not hearing from the leader of Fireshore has the counsel worried.

Fireshore is the ancestral land of Clan Darkshore, currently lead by Shalar or the Bright Lady. These people have to drink blood to live and have turned their backs on the codes and traditions everyone else lives by. For these reasons, they were exiled and are almost extinct. Shalar wants their lands back and has raised an Army to accomplish it. Can she be stopped or will she succeed? What will Eliani’s role be?

Turisan may be with the counsel but he’s not idle. He’s thinking of ways to help stop the Kobalen. The

leader of the magehall, Rephanin, may have an unusual role to play if the plans Turisan are developing work out. Will they be too late to turn the tide or will the Kolaben swarm through the pass?

This is the second book in this series. The first, The Betrayal, sets up the story and shows how Eliani and Turisan come together. This book follows it up and starts where the last left off. Though some of the details are lost, like who the betrayer is and why, there is enough background given that you could start with this book and thoroughly enjoy it and be able to follow what is happening.

The world that has been developed is complex and rich in history and tradition. As the story unfolds, glimpses of this land’s past which affected its future are given such as the Bitter Wars. Because the Clan Darkshore does not follow the traditions of the rest of the people, this is where many of them make their appearance. They do not worship the same gods nor do they hold themselves to the same creed. The traditions associated with handfasting also come to the forefront when Eliani discovers that through her handfasting ribbons she is able to do healing.

The characters are wonderful. They have feelings and ambitions. Rephanin would love to be able to mindspeak but doesn’t have that skill in a way that he thinks is useful. For that reason, he has neglected the skill with mindtalk that he does have. Eliani and Turisan are like most young lovers. They want to be with each other and crave each other. However, their duty to their people is even stronger. But will this sense of duty hold strong when one is threatened?

Though basically a fantasy novel, there are some romantic elements. Not only is the love story between Eliani and Turisan continuing but there is a long lost love of Rephanin’s visiting the court. She was once handfasted to another and together they were mindspeakers. Will that love she once had carry across the spirit world or will she be interested in a more worldly love?

I’m really enjoying this series. The books are full of action and adventure as well as emotion. The characters come alive and seem as if you could meet them and know them. The problems are real weather it concerns war or matters of the heart. This book only solidified my desire to want more of this wonderful story.

Book Blurb for Heart of the Exiled

The Bitter Wars left a world divided. Now the ælven governors convene a Council at Glenhallow, while the savage kobalen gather in numbers not seen in five centuries. Vastly outnumbered, the ælven clans will send barely trained guardians to confront the kobalen, and a young female warrior, Eliani, will be entrusted with the most crucial mission of all: to reach distant Fireshore and learn why their governor has not responded to the call to war. Bound to her lover Turisan by the power of mindspeech, Eliani will feed vital information to the Ælven Council across vast distances. But Eliani cannot see the dark force watching from the Ebon Mountains. There, Shalár, the ruler of exiled Clan Darkshore, has given the mindless kobalen both power and a plan to cut off the ælven from their brave and gifted mindspeaker—and to reclaim for Shalár’s nearly extinct vampiric clan their ancestral land: Fireshore. But Shalár guards her secrets carefully, and even Eliani cannot know what terrible purpose lurks in the heart of the exiled.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75