Heart Desires

1 Night Stand Series

Refreshingly unique and so hot and sexy that you had better not read on a plane. There are some scenes that will have you looking around at your fellow passengers wondering if you could pull those scenes off! I was totally hooked within a few paragraphs and couldn’t wait to see how this couple would pull off a happy ending, or at points, if they were! This short story, around 60 pages, is full of drama, sex, and desire making it a perfect fit into the 1 Night Stand series.

A totally unique 1 Night Stand that has you wondering if Madame Eve has finally made a mistake! Devlynn has horrible luck finding a date that isn’t a total looser and jerk. So, she makes the decision to let her friends fill out her application for the exclusive dating service, 1 Night Stand. Eric is perfectly happy with his life but his sister insists that he needs a woman in it. Willing to do anything for his sister, Eric agrees to a date through the 1 Night Stand dating service. Eric didn’t fill out the application though, his sister did. On the plane, Devlynn and Eric are attracted to each other and want to explore this attraction but they also have to go on a date arranged by 1 Night Stand. As they prepare themselves for their date, they each try to fulfill the wishes and desires on the applications. Will their date go as their friends and family want or flop? Has Madame Eve finally goofed?

Book Blurb for Heart Desires

Devlynn Connors doesn't trust her own ability to find a man who isn't a control freak, but when she turns her future over to her friends and Madame Eve, she fears nothing will change.

When he flies to Las Vegas for a 1Night Stand hook-up, First Lieutenant Stephan Mallard isn't looking for love. He's looking to appease his sister's fear that he will end up alone. A man can do anything for one night, right?

Can Madame Eve overcome misinformation and misperceptions or will Devlynn and the Lieutenant go home alone?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00