Healing Touch

Play Doctor, Book 2

Jayne Rylon warns that the beginning of the book that this is not how psychology is but I’d like to say that I sure wish it were. The alternative methods used and the devises used are not only affective but hot! Okay, there are some serious issues that are being addressed such as abuse and phobias that are severely disrupting normal life but these are addressed with therapy. Now, this is sounding like a text book and not a romance and it’s anything but a dry text book. Expect to find hot psychologists that enjoy lots of sex, occasionally with more than one partner and a bit of voyeurism, quick friendships that enable trust, and a woman learning to take back her life. The characters grabbed my attention and kept it throughout leaving me wanting more. I couldn’t put it down.

This is the second book in a series that Jayne Rylon has based around the Dream Machine but you don’t have to read the first book to thoroughly and completely enjoy this one. The characters from the first book do play a major role in this one as they are best friends to Luke, one of the lead characters in this story. And, where many times second books don’t live up to the first, this is not the case with this one. Though totally different from the first, it has the same intense appeal as the first and will quickly get you involved with the characters and storyline.

Brielle has escaped from an abusive relationship but she has nightmares nightly which never let her truly escape. She finally decides to call for help and is referred to Luke, the head of the psychology department at the university where they both work. Luke has been wanting something more in his life, someone that he can deeply care about, something more than his usual no-strings sexual encounters. When Brielle comes to him, he’s found the someone he’s been looking for and quickly transfers her care to his good friend Becca. Luke plans on being more than Brielle’s doctor, if she will let him. He’s taking his time but is he going to slow? Brielle has a lot of issues but can the unconventional treatments that Becca and her husband Kurt use help? Out of the box therapy has never been so sexy and hot!

Book Blurb for Healing Touch

Love can be a lifeline.

As thrilled as Luke Malone is for his best friends, Kurt and Becca, enough is enough. The couple welcomed him into their lives, and their bed. But lately, he’s feeling less like a participant in their happiness…and more like an intruder.

Yet when a beautiful woman comes to his sexual psychology practice, Luke is forced to turn her away. It’s not that he doesn’t want to help her, it’s that he wants her. Too much to stay impartial.

Brielle Norris would rather have a root canal than see a shrink. But she’s had enough of letting the scars from an abusive relationship rule her life. Knees knocking, she steps into the psychologist’s office—and runs right into a tall, handsome man whose gilded perfection makes her own quirky faults even more painfully obvious.

She never expected he’d hand her off to one of his colleagues—then take a personal support role in the unconventional treatment she needs to heal.

In tandem with Kurt and Becca, Luke strives to teach Brielle that not all relationships end in disaster. At least this one won’t—if he can keep her safe when her past rears its ugly head.

Warning: Contains scenes of outside-the-box therapy involving a ménage a quatre. Closed course, professional drivers; do not attempt without…ahem…expert supervision.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00