Having Cake

This short story had a big impact. There is lots going on and a lot of it includes hot guys and awesome sex. Friends, love and a birthday fantasy all come into play as Meg becomes the center of attention for two sexy men, her friend Noah and her crush Patrick. Unfortunately, right after this absolutely awesome night, the author jumps backwards 4 months and gives some background story which feels a bit disjointed. However, it soon jumps back to the present and continues where it left off. Personally, I wouldn’t have done the story in that order but I didn’t write it either. Overall though, I loved it and only wish it were a little longer.

Meg thought it was nice that her two friends, Noah and Patrick invited her out for her birthday dinner. She really expected to go home and have an evening with her vibrator. Boy, was she wrong. After dinner, they headed to Patrick’s cabin to relax in his hot tub. Soon, she is offered to experience one of her ultimate fantasies, if she dares to take the chance.

Book Blurb for Having Cake

Be careful what you wish for! Christy Gissendaner puts a new spin on this old saying in her newest contemporary romance novel, Having Cake. A fantastic read about two sexy men and the ultimate birthday present they have planned for their friend's birthday.

On her birthday, Meg is offered the chance to fulfill one of her ultimate fantasies. Her friends, Patrick and Noah, have concocted a plan to achieve her voyeur fantasy. But can one wild night lead to love for her and the guy she’s wanted for months? Or has having her cake and eating it too ruined her chances?

Contemporary, Ménage, Hot Explicit Romance, Anal Play

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00