Guarding His Heart

Deuces Wild, #2

This story had me sitting on the fence for quite a while. While I found Jax very easy to love, it wasn’t that way with Cassidy. It took me a while to warm up to her but once I did, this became a very good story. Jax is partners with Cassidy’s older brother and they all grew up together which adds a lot of depth to their relationship. Plus, there is a lot of leftover history that needs to be worked out before they can move forward. For the most part, this is a very sweet romance with a few sex scenes thrown in to add a touch of spice. As an added bonus, Jax’s mother and Cassidy’s father seem to be finding romance too. Besides romance, there is a mystery. Who is trying to get Cassidy to leave her business? This adds several twists, turns and an unexpected ending. Overall, I like this book. It’s got solid characters, plot and held my interest. It is part of a series but can be read without having read the previous book.

Cassidy has been getting threatening notes but she doesn’t want to go to the police. It wouldn’t be good for business. So, she turns to her brother’s partner, Jax. Jax is a body guard but his first reaction is call the police. Finally Cassidy and Jax make a deal with Jax moving into her apartment. With the attraction that Cassidy feels for Jax, this isn’t going to be easy but Cassidy refuses to be one of Jax’s many conquests. Hopefully Jax will figure out who is leaving the notes quickly!

Book Blurb for Guarding His Heart

To protect her, he’ll have to cover the bases—first, second, third, and all the way home.

Cassidy Dixon isn’t about to let her overprotective big brother know she has a stalker problem. But when she turns to his bodyguard agency partner, former MLB player Jax Wilder, she realizes she’s made an even bigger mistake.

Jax is even more overbearing, and soon he’s getting too close for comfort—as in panty-melting close. Heat is the last thing she needs in her under-siege ice cream shop—until hot tempers explode into the best angry sex of her life.

For once, the last thing on Jax’s morning-after mind is escape. He’s wanted Chase’s little sister too long not to make a move when opportunity strikes. He knows the reasons why she lives a careful life, and he’s ready to be the man she needs. If only she’d stop trying to get away…

Certain Jax feels guilty for sampling forbidden, way-too-sheltered fruit, Cassidy sets out to prove that she’s not as innocent and inexperienced as he thinks. She never expected him to rise to the challenge…or to be ready to risk everything to keep her safe.

Warning: Contains an overworked bodyguard who is juggling a stalker and a woman desperate to unleash her wilder side. This hero knows how to ride…to the rescue and a motorcycle, among other things. Beware of curve balls and acts of spontaneous outdoor sex.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00