Guarded Desires

Heart of Fame, Book 3

Outstanding is a good description. Though this is book 3 in Ms Couper’s Heart of Flame series, ignore that! This story can stand alone is so awesome you’ll not even realize that there were previous stories. However, if you’ve read the previous books, you’ll see characters that you know and love in this one. Also, unlike the other books, the love interest in this one is male/male. Again, even if that isn’t your favorite genre (like me), read this story. The emotions pull at your heart strings. It’s not just the attraction the men feel towards each other but it’s the dealing with things like I’ve never been attracted to a guy before to how to salvage a career. Truly, it’s the whole which makes this story so unique and spell binding. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down and then I wasn’t ready for it to end. Totally and completely outstanding. I can’t express how much I loved this story.

Chris Huntley is back in Australia to promote his new movie. He doesn’t expect that this trip will be anything spectacular or different from any other promotional trip. That changes when his bodyguard, Liev Reynolds steps off the boat. Chris is immediately attracted to him though he tries very hard to explain it away. He’s never been attracted to a man before and doesn’t plan on doing it now! Liev is quite comfortable in being bi-sexual and in not doing relationships. However, he’s now faced with a professional ethics problem. He’s attracted to the man he’s working for! Two problems with that. First, it’s not done because he’s mind will be somewhere other than on business and two, Chris’s brother-in-law and Liev’s friend will kill him. These two are fighting against their desires but where will it end?

Book Blurb for Guarded Desires

Desire like this wasn’t in the script…

Small-screen sex symbol Chris Huntley is on the fast track to becoming the next big action-blockbuster movie star. When his latest movie takes him to Australia for a red-carpet premiere, he thinks he’s ready for anything.

But nothing could have prepared him for his raw, carnal response to his Aussie bodyguard. Sexual attraction to a man is a first for Chris. Now he realizes why his relationships with women have never felt quite…complete.

Liev Reynolds is comfortable with his bisexuality, but his attraction to Chris is an inconvenience he must ignore. For starters, there’s his professional ethics. Then there’s the long trail of female broken hearts in Chris’s wake.

Hard as they both try to keep their minds on their jobs, desire and a little matchmaking tip them over the edge. But Hollywood endings aren’t real life. And when the truth leaks out, their careers aren’t the only collateral damage.

Warning: A hunky Hollywood sex symbol. A smoldering, stubborn Australian. A desire so powerful it cannot be denied. A kiss. And a photograph. This isn’t your normal boy-meets-boy story.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00