Grizzly Perfection

Arcadian Bears Book 6

This book is part of a series but don’t let that stop you from reading this terrific paranormal romance. This story has lots going for it and definitely stands alone. All three of the main characters are terrific though Nolan and Reid sometimes felt too noble. They each were going out of their way for the other which sometimes felt a bit forced. Adriana’s character was well done from her confusion to her desires. The storyline that went along side the romance was different. It included gangster type activity, secrets and a mole. I like that family and friends are part of the story as that adds some depth to it and allows the series to flow. I also like that choices were available and life doesn’t totally change when you find your mate. I really enjoyed this story even though I knew immediately how it was going to end. After all, it’s not the ending but the journey to it that is the best part!

The Story: Nolan is an accountant which is generally an easy office job until you find a major crime which sends you to a safe house. Before he heads there, Nolan wants to see his parents. He doesn’t expect to find his mate. Adriana doesn’t expect to find her mate at a family party, not that it was her family. But, then he doesn’t come it. Nolan doesn’t want anyone to know that he found a mate until he is safe. Wanting to keep her safe, he calls his best friend, Reid. Wait a minute, when Reid comes for Adriana he smells his mate too as does Adrianna. What is happening? Adriana should only have one mate!

Book Blurb for Grizzly Perfection

The scent of her mate was in the air…

When Adriana lifted her head and scented her mate for the first time, the world stopped spinning. She’d never met him, but she knew exactly who he was. Nolan Osborn. He was right outside. And then he wasn’t.

He could not risk her life…

Nolan’s heart skipped a beat as he stepped from the car. He had no idea who belonged to the scent that would change his life, but he couldn’t risk meeting her tonight. His life was in danger. He would not risk hers as well.

But he was not her only option…

When Reid got the call that his best friend needed him, he didn’t hesitate. Nolan’s mate was in danger, and she needed a bodyguard. It was an easy job. And then it wasn’t.

This could not be happening.

Grizzly shifters mated in pairs.

Why would Fate put two men in Adriana’s path, forcing her to choose?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.50