Gordath Wood

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Gordath Wood

Lynn Romano is the stable manager for Hunter’s Chase, a horse stable just north of New York City that has extremely expensive show horses. While at a show on the other side of Gordath Wood, an earthquake happens spooking Dungiven, a gray horse. Unable to load him into the horse trailer, Lynn decides to ride him through Gordath Wood to Hunter’s Chase. The ride shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes and she will meet the others there.
The others include Mrs. Hunt, Joe, Katie and another stable hand. Mrs. Hunt is the owner of Hunter’s Chase. She is elegant, rich and doesn’t ride. Joe is Lynn’s current boyfriend. They have made plans for later that night. Katie is a young teen who works at Hunter’s Chase to help defray the costs of boarding her horse and lessons. All of them are concerned when Lynn doesn’t show up after an hour and the police are called. 
Even after several days of looking, nothing shows up. It is assumed that Lynn stole Dungiven and made a run to Canada. Joe and Katie don’t believe this story and continue looking even as the earthquakes keep happening. Though Gordath Woods have been searched Katie enters hoping that her knowledge of the small seldom used trails may lead her to Lynn. Katie disappears too.
Lynn and Katie end up traveling through a portal to another world. This world is in the middle of a war. Some how Lynn and Katie end up on opposite sides of this war but both want to find a way home. Both leaders of the opposing sides want to use Lynn and Katie to improve their methods of warfare, even though neither is versed in war.
Lynn and Katie aren’t the only ones that have crossed the portal. Someone is supplying the one side with guns which are not found in this world. And the guardian of the portal has crossed to Lynn and Katie’s world. Without him, the earthquakes will continue and will get worse until there is nothing left in either world!
As Lynn and Katie adjust to their new lives in a very different world, they still hope to return to the lives they left. They also find men who they care about and who care about them yet those men are off limits to them. 
Joe and Mrs. Hunt continue looking for some sign of Lynn and Katie. The police thinking Joe knows something or is some how involved ends up arresting him. Mrs. Hunt knows that the key is the guardian of the portal but he’s declared mentally ill and is locked in a hospital! 
Will things ever straighten out? Will the portal get closed before the world is destroyed? What happens to Lynn and Katie?
This book takes a bit to get into to it. Part of the problem is there is a lot going on and a lot to keep track of. There are two separate worlds with very different things going on. There is a war going on with several major players on both sides. With in just a few chapters, there are a lot of folks to keep track of and lots of activity. However, once everyone is in place, the story evolves and the transitions from one place to another is done smoothly. In other words, everything falls into place and becomes much easier to follow.
Most of the characters evolve with the story and you begin to get a good idea of who and what they are. Very little history is given on any of the characters yet they become real. Katie starts off as a horse mad teenager. When thrown into a war that she doesn’t understand, she slowly makes a place for herself. Her willingness to help with those things she knows makes her part of a team that she normally would not have associated with. Lynn’s confident, no giving up personality comes through as she joins forces with a soldier and his quest to find another guardian to close the portal. You may never know about their past but you are well aware of their character.
The story was interesting. 
When one side of the conflict is using guns and the other side is using swords and crossbows, can they meet as equals? This part of the story was done with realism and well. The war strategies were well thought out and expressed so the reader was able to visualize them. 
The search for Lynn and Katie and their mysterious disappearance was also done well. The police looking for someone to blame looked no further than a man who drifted from town to town. After all, it couldn’t be one of their friends or neighbors! Joe’s hunt for clues was done logically as was his desire to run to somewhere else.
As much as I enjoyed the story in the book, I hated the ending. I felt as if every character in this book got ripped off. There was not a happy ending for anyone even though the portal was closed.   Lynn and Joe had a romantic relationship going yet were not able to see where it would go. Lynn was also attracted to the soldier she was helping and he to her but again, they ended up going their separate ways without getting to explore where their relationship could go. Lynn ended up with no one. Joe ended up with no one and the soldier ended up in a marriage of honor and not love. Even Katie’s love interest ended up somewhere other than with her.   All in all, I felt as if every character in this book while alive, was unhappy and deserved better than what they got.

Book Blurb for Gordath Wood

Worlds collide in Gordath Wood.
Something strange is happening in Gordath Wood, the old woods surrounding a training stable called Hunter’s Chase. The police think Lynn Romano and Kate Mossland have been murdered, but what actually occurred is much stranger. They’ve gone through a hole between worlds, into a medieval society at war. In a world that doesn’t ordinarily have use for women, the danger is great—good thing Lynn and Kate aren’t your ordinary women.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.00