Good Things

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Good Things

Living Simple Isn't Simple

Deidre McIntosh thought she had finally found her perfect job.  For the past 5 years she hosted a TV show that taught the people of Seattle how to live simply.  It incorporated all the things she had learned in previous job like flower arranging and cooking.  She lived in an upscale apartment with her best friend, a gay guy.  At 40, Deidre couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 
Then, suddenly without warning her whole life is turned upside down.  Her boss, who had not really wanted to produce Deidre’s show to begin with but who’s wife forced him to, was getting a divorce and found an excuse to cancel Deidre’s show when a rival TV station began it’s own similar program with a local celebrity hosting it.  Next, Deidre’s best friend informs her that he has found true love with a fellow doctor and will be moving in with him.  Her finances will not let her afford the apartment that they have shared so she knows she will have to move but when the landlord comes up and informs her that she isn’t on the lease and has 24 hours to vacate the premises she doesn’t have a lot of options.
An earlier chance encounter at a restaurant and a later one while taking out the trash with good looking, Kevin Johnson gets her an offer to use his country home while she figures out what to do.  This home is in the middle of nowhere, Jacob’s Point, but beggars can’t be choosy.  Even so Deidre is shocked on how primitive the house is and how small the nearest community is.  She seriously considers returning to Seattle but her rival at the other TV station is giving her really bad publicity and she’s better off staying where she is.  The problem is, what is she going to do and what next?
Deidre is a wonderful character.  Her confusion on what is happening in her life was so real that you just wanted to help.  As she began to take control of her life, you couldn’t help but cheer her on.  As Deidre comes into her own, you know she is going to be alright and you’re ready to celebrate with her.  She has depth and a personality that you can relate to even if you’ve never been where she is going.
The secondary characters are very well defined.  Kevin, though not seen in much of the book, is a presence that impacts Deidre.  She is drawn to Kevin but doesn’t want to use him.  Kevin wants to help Deidre however he can and is definitely interested in her is ways that have nothing to do with her career.  Lindsey, owner of the Wishbone in Jacob’s Point, is down to earth.  While she loves Deidre’s baking and her ideas, she has no problems speaking her mind when she thinks Deidre has over stepped.  The rest of the secondary characters are brought to life with details that you know you would recognize them if you meet them.
This little splice of life reinforces the belief that when a door is shut, a window opens.  While Deidre saw her whole life crumble as she regains her direction she sees all the possibilities out there.  She learns how to take disappointment and turn it into something good.  This lesson is one that everyone needs to learn and this book is a wonderful example of how to do it.
As an add on, Ms King gives us some of the recipes that are talked about in the book.  In the back are several including one for corn fritters, Linguine with Rose Petal Sauce and Deidre’s Aromatic Gingerbread.

Book Blurb for Good Things

Deidre McIntosh is 40, single, and host of Seattle’s premier lifestyle TV show, Live Simple and Simply Live. But when her show is abruptly cancelled, her seemingly perfect life ends along with it. It’s a godsend when Kevin Johnson offers her a place to stay, even if her new living arrangement is literally a shack in the woods. As she slowly begins to practice what she once preached, Deidre takes the first step toward a new kind of success, and maybe even love.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00