Golden Dancer

Dangerous Dancers Book 1

MacKenzie MacAllister or Mac works as a reporter for an online news site. He can usually be found roaming war zones or investigating unsolved crimes. When his boss, Woo, interrupts his research into a stolen statue, the Golden Dancer, he's annoyed, especially when she asks him to cover the ballet.

Mac's parents are professional ballet dancers which means he actually knows something about it making him the perfect choice to fill in for the sick reporter who would normally cover it. As Woo doesn't think Mac will come up with anything solid on his project, she really wants him to review the ballet and interview Trelain Medveyev, the lead male dancer.

Trelain is extremely talented and extremely good looking. He's also gay. Born in Russia, Trelain started dancing at a young age. As the ballet program there began to collapse, his mother, a British citizen kidnapped him and brought him to England. Talent like Trelain's is rare.

Mac is shocked at his response to meeting Trelain and Trelain's response is equally shocking. They are instantly attracted to each other. While that makes sense for gay Trelain, Mac considers himself straight. Why would he be attracted to another man, even if he is gorgeous?

In the meantime, another man who is gay is checking Trelain out. Daniel Terrebone is a multimillionaire gay man who appreciates great art. He's instantly attracted to Trelain to the point of inviting him to his house for a few days. Each knows that Daniel wants more than a platonic visit and each is eager to explore the other.

When Mac finds out, he rushes to Terrebone's home to rescue Trelain only to discover he doesn't want or need rescuing. Mac also feels an attraction towards Daniel. How can this be? Mac is straight and besides he's investigating Daniel in the thief of the Golden Dancer!

What a perfect combination, mystery and romance. These two themes are so intertwined in this story that you can't separate them. Mac is torn between his professionalism and his sexual desires. He's not sure if he can keep them apart. Of course, he's a bit confused as why he's feeling this way towards men but it feels so good.

The romance is male on male, no females in these guys' bed! The sex is graphic and explicit. There is also a lot of it so if you aren't into this type of sex, you might think twice before reading this book. However, if you do like it, you'll find that it is very well written with lots of emotion and progresses the story.

Everyone is pretty sure Daniel stole the Golden Dancer but no one can prove it. As Mac searches for answers, he may find that no only is he not the only looking but some of the players may be working more than one side. Who to trust and how far becomes an important question very quickly.

The characters are fantastic. Each has a history, a family and a profession. Seeing how them mesh together is interesting. There are a lot of issues that they must work through which gives each character a chance to grow and change. None are even remotely the same yet they work well together.

Once again I have picked up and read a book that is not my cup of tea and well outside my comfort zone due to an author I really enjoy reading haven written it. As usual, the terrific writing kept me totally interested in the story. I love storytellers that can write anything and make you like it!

Overall, I really loved this story. There were a few places that I felt it didn't flow as smooth as it could have or the premise on a particular scene wasn't as realistic as I would have liked but these small blips were small and didn't truly distract from the main story. It was interesting to watch Mac discover his own sexuality. Trelain's reaction when he realized that maybe jumping bed to bed isn't what he wanted was priceless. Even Daniel had some growing and exploring to do. Besides, there was a missing statue to find and the story behind it was a festinating trip into history.

Okay, Ms Lain has a fan and I will probably read everything she writes, even when it is outside my comfort zone. That's just how good her stories really are.

Book Blurb for Golden Dancer


‘This book was beautifully written. Tara Lain made this trio into such a beautiful love story.’ ~ Inked Rainbow Reads

Book one in the Dangerous Dancers series.

A reporter and the thief he’s investigating both fall for a golden dancer, forging a ménage of love and lies that could send one to prison and one to the morgue.

Mac Macallister is obsessed—the online news reporter needs enough evidence to write a story accusing billionaire art collector Daniel Terrebone of stealing the Golden Dancer, a priceless work of art, from Horst Von Berg. The story promises the recognition Mac craves. But then Mac meets a real golden dancer, ballet star Trelain Medveyev, and his attraction to the man rocks his formerly straight world.

When the mysterious Terrebone ‘collects’ this beautiful dancer, too, Mac rushes to the rescue like a knight in shining cargo pants and plunges into a three-way passion that tears him between love and guilt. Can Mac keep investigating when his story could send one man to prison and another to the morgue? Will this reporter get his story or get his men?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50