Going Hard

Divemasters Book 3

This third book in Ms Rylon’s Divemasters series is just as interesting and addicting as the first two. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to read the first two books to thoroughly and completely love this one.) This story has it all. Even if you’ve never dived or been to a remote island, the descriptions will have you visualizing everything so you’ll feel as if you have actually been there. And, as you explore paradise, there are things going on that will change lives forever. Someone has secrets, threats will be made and agreements will be on the line. This story is hot, fast paced and totally intriguing. Take time to read this book and you’ll soon be looking for more!

Tosin still can’t believe that he is a partner of The Divemaster. It’s amazing when you go from just getting by to so rich you don’t even know how much money you have. Still, as much as Tosin has, he still wants a hamburger and a woman. Meeting Kahori has definitely peaked his interest. Now, if he can just get her interested in him!

Book Blurb for Going Hard

This book can be read as a standalone book in the Divemasters world.

Three SCUBA instructors, who happen to be sexual dominants, are about to take the ultimate plunge. If you’re extraordinarily lucky, you’ll be invited to join them on The Divemaster, where work and pleasure go hand in hand. Welcome aboard!

As the last lone wolf of The Divemaster, Tosin Ellis doesn’t plan on partnering up anytime soon. Then his friend Archer commissions an engagement ring for his fiancée…

Jeweler Kahori Akama is sensual, intriguing, and happy to accept Tosin’s help sourcing the black pearls she uses in her popular pieces. As their relationship goes from professional to personal, Tosin also learns Kahori’s family is threatened by someone intent on ruining her business to lay claim to its valuable property.

Tosin never expected to find a single woman that could slake his sexual appetites, but Kahori surrenders to her raw and primal urges with the natural power of a typhoon strong enough to blow even a veteran sailor far off course. Once he’s experienced loving in the eye of the storm, he can’t imagine being satisfied by less.

Once more, the crew of The Divemaster will do what it takes to protect their own. Especially Tosin, who realizes Kahori’s heart just may be his home.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00