Gemini Rising

Tempting Signs Book 3

Hot doesn’t even start to describe this short story. Sexy fighters that lust after each other and together they want Lila. This is definitely a ménage and the men do indeed have sex with each other. Think of the combo and you will find it in this story. However, this story is so much more than just sex. It’s about friendships and how people see each other. It’s about family and how they treat the members. It has a depth and an emotional pull that I didn’t expect. And, I loved it. While this story is part of a series about the signs of the zodiac, do not expect any astrology to show up in this story. It doesn’t, not even in passing. However, it doesn’t need it either as this story is awesome.

Lila works and lives at her uncle’s gym where he trains fighters. For the most part Lila is seen as off limits. However, Grant likes to chat with Lila and she loves it. She definitely would like to do more than just talk. Daniel is new to the gym and Lila is attracted to him too. But, the guys don’t seem to like each other. So, are they after her because they want her or because they want to out do each other?

Book Blurb for Gemini Rising

12 Authors. 12 Zodiac Signs. 1 Explosive Series. What seductive, contemporary romance will you find today? GEMINI.  

Whoever said fighters can't be lovers was never a fighter. Any fighter knows that to succeed, he has to be honest with himself - brutally honest. A real fighter knows his strengths, his weaknesses. And he fights and lives with them in mind, no holds barred.

Grant's weakness is Daniel, an up-and-coming welterweight who once lived, breathed and trained with him before skipping town for the West Coast. Daniel's weakness is Grant, a light heavyweight champion who disrupted Daniel's life with an addictive intensity he's never found in anyone else.

Lila is a woman who grew up cageside and inhabits the same world as Grant and Daniel, a rose among thorns. She's completely unlike the women they're used to. And when they're honest with themselves, they know she's what they need to be complete.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 5.00