From the Farm to the Table Beef

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From the Farm to the Table Beef

Volume 6

This easy to read book about raising cattle is a great way for elementary age children to learn about ranching. Pictures of an actual rancher, Mary and her cattle are used throughout the book giving it authenticity. Subjects such as closed herds and organic fields are explored as a simplistic level. In the back of the book are vocabulary words and other educational guides. However, I found some of the discussion questions to be a bit more advanced than the target audience of this book. Overall though, I really liked this book and actually learned things. I never knew how many medical things cattle helped with! What is skimmed over it the actual slaughter of the cattle which is not necessary to understand what raising cattle is all about.

Book Blurb for From the Farm to the Table Beef

Rancher Mary is a beef gal. She raises beef cattle for meat and for medical use. Text with photographs of Rancher Mary tells the story of how beef cows are raised. From the Farm to the Table series are books about agriculture designed for second and third grade readers. The text of each book highlights second grade vocabulary words. Kathy Coatney is all about agriculture, from over 20 years as a freelance photojournalist specializing in agriculture, to her nonfiction agriculture series of children’s books, From the Farm to the Table.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.50