Fragile Eternity

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Fragile Eternity

There are 4 courts in the faerie realm which is usually unseen by the mortal one though they sometimes over lap. The Winter Court is ruled by its queen, Donia. The Winter Court embraces all things that have to do with winter and is sober. It is balanced by the Summer Court which has two rulers, a king and a queen, Keenan and Aislinn. It enjoys of the frivolous things of summer and takes a light hearted look at the world. These two courts generally only get close during the solstice. The other two courts also balance each other out. The Light or High Court is all about order and has the oldest most powerful faerie ruling it, Sorcha. The Dark Court is ruled by Naill and there are vices and chaos.
Sorcha has two siblings, her twin sister, Bananach, and her brother, Devlin. Baranach can be seen as a little insane. She longs for war, disorder and blood. Devlin is the one who balances between his sisters but he lives within Sorcha’s court. Bananach, when she isn’t roaming around looking for ways to start a war, stays in the Dark Court.
Though Aislinn and Keenan are the rulers of the Summer Court and are drawn to each other, they love others. Keenan has been in love with Donia for years. Aislinn loves a mortal, Seth who walks within 3 of the faerie courts which is highly unusual.
Seth truly loves Aislinn and wants to be stronger like a faerie. He’d also like to have the unlimited life span of them so he could always be with her. Aislinn just wants to be with Seth and doesn’t care that he is not a faerie. Regardless of Aislinn’s feelings, Seth actively searches for a way to change into a faerie.
This book is part of a series. When I started this book it took me a while to figure out who exactly all the characters were and what their relationships are. Once they all fell into place, I found myself fascinated with this world Ms Marr developed and all its complexities.
The characters were well developed and their struggles, emotions and growth were expressed to involve the reader. Keenan and Aislinn love other people but due to their positions as head of the Summer Court, they feel drawn to each other and almost feel compelled to move their relationship from co-workers and friends to lovers. Naill sees Seth as a brother and offers him everything he can except what Seth wants. Seth is almost obsessed with being with Aislinn and would do anything to accomplish that goal, even leaving his current life and world behind. These strong characters work to mold themselves into something better and have readers watching to see if they can accomplish it.
This fantasy world was excellent. There are several minor groups that are in each court and they each have a role to play weather it was to support their rulers or divert the attention of those visiting the court or something else entirely. Ms Marr gives the reader insights into dances, judgments and everyday life of those that mortal can’t see yet live near.
Downside, yes there is one. This book is marketed as YA and the back says for ages 12 and up. There are several concerns that I have for readers that young. Aislinn is still in high school. She is a senior and mentions several times that she is not studying as she should be and she pretty much has blown school off due to becoming a faerie. She also seems to be ignoring her family as she becomes entangled with faerie business. Her family allows this by thinking that’s what faeries do. Aislinn is also having sexual relations with Seth and thinking about having one with Keenan. All of these issues are a bit intense for young teens and preteens. However, though I don’t think older teens should think it’s okay to spend the night with your boyfriend while still in high school or not come home for days on end, I feel that this book is more for them than the younger children.
This book has a delightful story with an interesting involved plot. Though this is not the first book in the series, it can be enjoyed by itself. I would suggest reading the previous book as at points I felt as if I was missing some details but over all I missed nothing major.

Book Blurb for Fragile Eternity

Seth never expected he would want to settle down with anyone—but that was before Aislinn. She is everything he'd ever dreamed of, and he wants to be with her forever. Forever takes on new meaning, though, when your girlfriend is an immortal faery queen.

Aislinn never expected to rule the very creatures who'd always terrified her—but that was before Keenan. He stole her mortality to make her a monarch, and now she faces challenges and enticements beyond any she'd ever imagined.

In Melissa Marr's third mesmerizing tale of Faerie, Seth and Aislinn struggle to stay true to themselves and each other in a milieu of shadowy rules and shifting allegiances, where old friends become new enemies and one wrong move could plunge the Earth into chaos.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.25