Forget Me Knot

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Forget Me Knot

Abby Crompton is an up and coming florist from an average background. She making her mark though with her unique and edgy arrangements and her clientele are becoming more and more elite. She just got engaged to her boyfriend, Toby and is getting ready to meet his mother for the first time.

Toby is not from an average background. He’s from the upper class and is in line for a title. He’s also a hard working lawyer who doesn’t seem to get much time off as he strives for a partnership and to make his own way.
At first glance, Abby’s life looks wonderful but look deeper and it’s not so great. Toby still hasn’t given her a ring though he’s had plenty of time. They also haven’t had sex in ages. Could the relationship be cooling down already? Her helper, though extremely talented and more like a friend than an employee, has an ex who comes in causing trouble not only for Abby’s helper, Martin but for Abby herself in ways that affect her business. Abby’s best friend, Sophie, is dating a Black Jewish doctor and is scared to tell her liberal Jewish parents that he’s Black. As if this isn’t enough on Abby’s plate, on her way to meet Toby’s mother she gets stuck in an elevator with Dan and ends up drunk. When Dan shows up to rent her shop for a movie he’s making, Abby finds herself attracted to him but wanting to stay loyal to Toby. As Toby works longer and longer hours, can Abby keep work and wants separate?
Set in London, this book gives a wonderful glimpse into British life with humor and a unique sense of style.
The characters are vivid and as varied as you can get. Abby is a typical average English girl with a desire to succeed. Her parents are just as typical until they go on a cruise with problems and suddenly her quiet mother is leading a protest! Sophie is bright and charming as she works through her relationships with her wacky parents and her supportive boyfriend. Martin is gay and proud of it. He’s also in a custody battle over a dog and will do just about anything to get her. Dan has secrets but he’s also fun. When those secrets are uncovered, they could cause problems for Dan and Abby!
The situations the characters find themselves in are fantastic. Abby is scared of elevators so when she gets stuck in one with Dan, she finds herself doing things that she normally wouldn’t do. After all, she’ll never see him again. At least, that’s a good thought until Dan shows up at her shop to rent it as a location for his movie. Toby makes more excuses for why he doesn’t want to have sex with Abby. Martin thinks he’s gay. Toby denies it. Could he be? As the characters work out their lives, it’s great fun to sit back and watch as they bumble through painful situations with humor.
I’ve never been to England yet when I finished this book I felt as if I had had a wonderful visit. I got to go shopping in a chain store and wonder through an up scale neighborhood. I learned about business associations and the London subway system. I got a wonderful emersion into a life that I would have never seen in my daily life and love it!
If you’re looking for a light hearted romance with original characters and lots of fun, look no further. I loved this book as it had me smiling frequently and laughing almost as often. This is one British author that I’m glad made it across the pond and I will definitely be looking for some more of her books.

Book Blurb for Forget Me Knot

From the acclaimed author of Gucci Gucci Coo and Apocalipstick comes a funny, sexy novel about questionable engagements—and a love worthy perhaps of the big screen.

Florist Abby Crompton has a knack for arranging the most exquisite bouquets for the hippest clientele. If only her personal life could run as smoothly. Although her fiancé, Toby, proposed a month ago, Abby’s still waiting for the ring. An up-and-coming lawyer, Toby’s been far too busy to shop—let alone muster the energy for romance. If that wasn’t frustrating enough, the night she’s supposed to meet her future mother-in-law, Abby gets stuck in an elevator—with a sexy stranger bearing fine wine. Needless to say, a tipsy Abby arrives late for dinner and doesn’t make the best impression.

In the aftermath of the dinner disaster, Abby is thrilled to learn that a film studio wants to use her shop in an upcoming movie. But when she meets the director, Dan, she’s shocked to discover that he’s none other than the same man with whom she shared the elevator—and some highly personal information. Now, with Toby putting in more overtime, Abby’s feeling even more neglected. And her attraction to Dan is growing daily—as her own life begins to mirror the romantic comedy he’s shooting.

Featuring an irrepressible heroine, Forget Me Knot blooms with charm, wit, and fun.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 5.00