Forbidden Feast

Book Three of the Eternal Dead Series

This third and final book in The Eternal Dead Series has biters (zombies) battling vampires to take over the town of Frombleton. Occasionally a bit confusing (especially if you haven’t read the previous books) as the story jumps from location to location, things soon become clear and easy to follow. There are three main story lines and as things ramp up they become more and more intertwined, allowing a reader new to the series to understand what is happening. Most of the backstory is slowly exposed as the story progresses. Chapters are short, making it feel as if you are racing through the book. Yet, nothing is rushed and the pacing feels perfect. There is plenty of violence as the vampires and the biters are killing people while others are trying to kill them. While there is a love interest (which never progresses past kissing), this doesn’t ensure that there is a happy ending. This is an interesting story that kept my interest though it probably would have been better had I read the previous books.

Holland has returned home after studying for a year at the Stoneham Academy, an elite school for witches. What she finds though, isn’t what she expected. Vampires are taking over her friends and her town. While Holland’s blood will kill vampires, she isn’t sure what she can do to help get rid of them. Elsewhere, Eden and Gabe are running away from the biters, zombie-like creatures, with baby Jane. When they stop for a bit to eat, they quickly learn that the biters are catching up, forcing them to hole up in a small store. Jonas has also returned and feels the call of the biters. He’s not entirely sure what his role is concerning them but he’s sure he has a role. When the biters come to Frombleton, the vampires declare war on them but irregardless, the humans are at risk with either group. Is there a way to stop this? The choices will be hard and not everyone will make it out alive!

Book Blurb for Forbidden Feast

Bestselling author Joelle Sterling concludes her vampire trilogy as a young woman must decide between love and saving her world.

In the town of Frombleton, government and law enforcement are run by vampires, and humans can’t get justice—particularly after the sun goes down.

Holland Manning has been studying witchcraft at the elite Stoneham Academy. Having reached the rare pinnacle of Witch of the First Order, Holland is the only human who has the power to thwart the vampires’ heinous designs. She alone can save the town’s residents.

While devising a plan to overthrow the vampire regime, Holland is appalled to discover that another threat to humans has found its way to Frombleton: a growing band of ravenous zombies are prowling the streets, devouring the vampire’s food source and challenging their seat of power. And to Holland’s horror, at the helm of the marauding flesh eaters is the recently returned love of her life, Jonas!

No matter who wins, the human race is doomed unless Holland can make the arduous decision to choose victory over love.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00