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Whispering Cove, #12

Ghosts, an old house and meddling old men shape this romance into something unique and fun. In Whispering Cove it’s a trio of grandfathers who do the matchmaking and this time they are matching a ghost hunter with a woman who wants to modernize a historic house. Extreme measures are needed to push these two in the right direction. Humor laces this story as well as some nice hot sexual scenes that definitely will have you wanting to join Alexis and Sam in the cooling ocean water. This story is part of a series but each story can stand alone. However, at the end of this story is a bit that ties this story and the two previous stories together and has our meddling grandfathers looking for their next couples to match! These short stories are perfect summer time choices as you’ll feel part of the beach parties.

Alexis wants to prove to her older brothers that she has what it takes to be part of the family business so she buys on old house and submits the plans to modernize it. She can’t understand why the committee won’t approve her plans. Sam is home for a 30 day vacation from ghost hunting. He doesn’t plan on doing anything except relax until one of the town’s leaders asks him to check a house for ghosts. His equipment says there are no ghosts but between some strange happenings in the house and the sexy new owner, Sam decides that staying at the house would be in everyone’s best interest. How long before he shows his interest in the new homeowner, Alexis?

Book Blurb for Flirty

A summer fling so hot, it can raise spirits…

Home renovation specialist Alexis Miller thought snapping up an old Victorian fixer-upper in podunk Whispering Cove would put her on the fast track to proving herself to her brothers.

She can handle cooling her heels to wait for the right permits. It’s the ghosthunter claiming he needs to spend the night to check out the “cold spots” that’s got her body temperature fluctuating.

When Sam Doherty responds to an emergency phone call to cleanse a haunted house in Whispering Cove, the first thing he notices is how Alexis hides her femininity behind baggy coveralls—and how she wants to cover up the old home’s beauty with modern frills. As a guy who “sees” things others can’t, he sets out to teach her to appreciate the hidden beauty, inside and out.

Scary noises soon send Alexis into Sam’s arms, and when a kiss leads to passionate lovemaking, Alexis wonders if it’s possible to find common ground in this small town. Or, once the house is “clean”, if Sam will disappear faster than a ghostly apparition.

Warning: Contains enough sexual tension to raise spirits and turn any cold spot into a sweltering vortex of heat and passion.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50