Fix You

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Fix You

Second Chances, Book 1

The mixture in this story doesn’t sound like a romance or that it would even go together; cancer, a rock musician, a group of single women and best friends. However, Mari Carr is able to take those things, mix them up and write a romance story that delivers an emotional punch. Just like the battle against cancer, this story will take you on a roller coaster ride with absolutely hot sexy scenes followed by real tear jerkers with some laughter mixed in. And like the diagnosis of cancer, Zoey and Rob will have their lives changed forever.

Zoey and Rob have been best friends since childhood. When Zoey is told she has breast cancer, she calls Rob, even though he’s getting ready to go on stage with his band. Zoey just wants to hear his voice, not tell him her news but Rob hears the tears and flies home as fast as he can. He figures it’s something easy to fix and he’ll be back with the band within a couple of days but cancer isn’t something that is fixed in days and suddenly Rob knows that Zoey is more important than the stardom his band is about to achieve. Zoey knows that music has always been Rob’s life and she’s not willing for him to give up that dream, especially when it’s so close to coming to true, for her. It’s going to be a long road but will these two best friends stay on the same one?

This is the first book of a new series and if the others are as emotional as this one, Mari Carr has a series of best sellers (or they should be!). This book is more than just best friends finding love or second chances or any other classification. This book is in a class of it’s own and with Zoey’s single friends still looking for love, I expect to be reading some more awesome books.

Book Blurb for Fix You

What if love can’t heal all wounds?

After too many years of secretly loving her best friend, Zoey realizes she’s been shortchanging herself. It’s time to take action. This New Year’s Eve heralds the year she’s going to tell Rob the truth. Even if he is on the road, reaching for musical stardom with his band.

Her plan is derailed when she discovers a lump in her breast—and it’s not “nothing to worry about”. How can she ask Rob to take a chance on love when her future is so uncertain?

Rob has spent his entire life chasing his dream, but the moment he hears Zoey’s voice on the phone, he realizes he’s been running the wrong race. Zoey never sounds like she’s been crying. Ever. Without a second thought, he books a flight for home, determined to give her everything she needs. A shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold…and nights of intensely emotional, passionate sex.

His biggest challenge, though, is convincing his best friend that he’s in it for the long haul. Because he finally knows what he wants, and it’s not fame and fortune. It’s her—and her love.

Warning: This book runs the emotional gamut between scorching-hot passion and the pain and fear associated with cancer. Keep a box of tissues next to your glass of ice water.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00