Fired Up

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Fired Up

Sarya is an air fairy but she's not welcome to be part of her own clan. She is too connected to the Earth and to involved in the things that life there. Sarya resembles an angel with her long white wings which she can retract into her back. As she dances in the forests of Strange Hollow, she's as naked as the day she was born. though she lives outside her clan, she has a place in the Hollow.


Erich has similar problems. He belonged to the firelings clan. Unfortunately, Erick doesn’t have the red eyes of the clan, he has green nor can he always control his fire. When he gets upset or emotional, he’s been known to cause the earth to quake. He hopes to find a home in Strange Hollow with the other fae who don’t quite fit into their clans.

Strange Hollow is run by Jacinda. She’s known to be fair but stern. Erick isn’t sure what Jacinda is going to do with him but he’s got to trust her and her judgment.

While walking through the grocery store, Erich sees the most beautiful site, Sarya. He wants to get to know her but little does he know what they will entail.

This is a fairly short story of around 80 pages but each page is packed full of action and interest.

The characters are introduced quickly and you immediately learn about them, their attitudes and their personalities. Strange Hollow reminds Erick of Mayberry while it’s a safe haven to Sarya. Jacinda has her own magic and uses it as if it’s nothing. Each character that is introduced is unique and different. After all, if they weren’t different they would live with their own clans!

In places the story almost seemed to preach to the reader about taking care of the Earth and its inhabitants. Loggers and developers were seen as evil cold hearted people who cared nothing about the trees and only about the money they would get for them. Though they were on land that Strange Hollow residents owned, violence instead of talking or legal measures was the answer.

Yet, this wasn’t a political book, it’s a romance. Sarya and Erich seem to like each other but when their trust is tested, can they pass? The attraction is there but there is someone who would like to see them apart and they are willing to do anything they can to make it happen.

I found Strange Hollow to be a very interesting place that I wouldn’t mind visiting again. I bet Jacinda has an interesting story and I would love to hear it. Also, several other characters were mentioned that could have a good story within them too. This book just wasn’t long enough to satisfy my interest in the Hollow,

I have to say that I really enjoyed this quirky romance. It’s a great way to spend a few hours.

Book Blurb for Fired Up

Air, fire, earth…there’s a whole lot of shaking going on.

Erich's earthquaking emotions and fiery temper were enough to get him kicked out of his clan. The folks in Strange Hollow don’t seem to care he’s not a proper firekin and once he meets Sarya, he figures he just might be home. From the moment he spots the red-hot air fae, Erich can’t wait to find out if the woman who looks like an angel has a devilish side.

Sarya’s calm but lonely existence in the Hollow is shaken to cataclysmic levels with Erich’s arrival. Not only does the earth move for Sarya when she’s with him, but her fire burns out of control. The sinful cowboy pushes all of her buttons and strokes her wings just right. She falls for the drawl, and not a thing can deter her from growing a little more in love with him as the days pass.

Problem is something is suddenly threatening the forest and all signs point to Erich.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.75