Felony Hex

Hex Appeal

This story definitely has a different twist making it totally unique and spellbinding. Good witches, bad witches, witch killers and multiple planes of reality that bled into this one are mixed up until Nic and Esme aren’t sure what is caused due to the spell and what is due to their past and what is due to their present. At some point, they don’t even care as the lust that they feel drives them to the brink but they aren’t alone and Esme’s former friends wants revenge!

I started this story expecting a really good story and I got it. I couldn’t read fast enough and when I finished, I was ready for more. While it may a first seem extremely complex, that complexity only enhances the story and there is no confusion except for the characters. For such a short story, it has a depth that is usually found in a much longer one and a plot that could easily expand into one. The ending is well done and left me looking for a next story…..or as this is a sequel, maybe I need to find the previous one.

Book Blurb for Felony Hex

Sequel to Furyous Ink.

Esmerelda Payne is a good witch gone bad, and that’s the way she likes it. But there are consequences to every dark deed, and Esme’s comes in the form of the Witchfinder, who’s been hunting her for more than two hundred years. Nicodemus Frost is as cold as his name—except in her fantasies, where he’s hotter than Hades.

Frost has every intention of killing Esme for a grievous sin committed in her past life. But not until he gets what he wants in the here and now. He uses a spell to bend Esme to his will, make her crave his touch, his body. She’ll do anything he asks—and Frost will do the same, because the spell works both ways.

Now they’re equally consumed by lustful need…which makes it hard to notice common enemies approaching.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50