Fearless Mating

An A.L.F.A. Novel, #4

Though part of a series this paranormal book stands alone and can be enjoyed without have read any of the previous books. The characters are very well done and are fun to read about. Josh is a take charge guy who suddenly finds himself fighting against himself. Candance knows her job and everything is about her job. Watching her try to deal with things out of her control is humorous and interesting. There is plenty of action as the entire A.L.F.A. team goes into action to save hostages as they also try to not be discovered as shifters. Fast paced, interesting and funny are attributes that will have you falling in love with this story.

Candace Obermier’s job is to close agencies that are not needed. The president has given her this job and she plans on doing an outstanding job. The latest agency is A.L.F.A. The director, Josh Tumbel is not accepting this news well. Josh not only is insisting that Candance can’t close A.L.F.A. but he has just found his mate. Now, how does he get her attention concerning personal matters while staying professional?

Book Blurb for Fearless Mating

Their jobs have set them at odds, but the attraction brewing between them is too strong to resist in this all-new paranormal romance from the author of Dangerous Mating.

Sergeant Major Candace Obermier has arrived at Alpha League Federal Agency headquarters with one task in mind--shutting it down. While A.L.F.A.'s pledge to protect humans from paranormal threats is noble, they've caused nothing but mayhem as far as Candy can tell. And their director? He's the worst of the lot.

Director Josh Tumbel has finally found his mate. And she's doing everything she can to shut down operations, while he struggles to control his mating instincts. But when A.L.F.A. headquarters is taken in a hostage situation, Josh has a chance to demonstrate the critical nature of the agency's existence, and prove his worth to Candy as a protector and lover.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50