Fearless Hearts

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Fearless Hearts

Miranda Hansen has just graduated top of her veterinarian medicine class. She has two job offers, one in KY at a large farm and the other in a small place. Each has its pluses and while she figures out which offer to take, Miranda takes time to visit the Lazy D. This is where she spent her summers visiting her housekeeper grandmother and falling in love with the owner’s son, Luke Dannon. Now it’s time to either get Luke to express his love or to give up and move on.
Luke works on the Lazy D for his mother. One day it will be his. He tries hard to leave what he calls the summer visitors alone. He doesn’t think that any relationship between a city girl and a country boy can last in the country and he has no desire to move to the city regardless of what he feels for Miranda.
This story started very well and quickly had me interested. The characters seemed like they would be fun to read about. The problem is about the time I settled down to read, the story ended! I was expecting a book or at the very least a short story. What I found was a scene from what could be developed into a good story. Due to it being so short, there is not plot development or in depth character development. There are no secondary characters and except for a very small part of the Lazy D, you get no idea of where this story is even located! While I liked what little bit there was, I have no idea what these few pages of prose are suppose to be as I would consider it too even be too short for a short story.

Book Blurb for Fearless Hearts

Miranda Hansen has been in love with Luke Dannon since the first time she visited the Lazy D Ranch.  For the past fifteen years, she kept coming back, trying to find the courage to confess her feelings and prove she’s not the typical tourists he distrusts.  This time, she’s not backing down.  She’s going to prove to Luke she belongs on the Lazy D with him.  Will her fearless heart prevail or will Luke’s pride destroy all she’s ever dreamed about?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 2.00