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It took me awhile to really get into this story. It is full of angst, desire and expectations. This combination had me wondering where this story was going to go. The blurb is correct. Tristan does not appear to be a priest yet he is. However, how you think a priest should act isn’t how Tristan acts. Unfortunately, most of the story did not have Tristan in a priestly role but during his off time. And, while there are plenty of Biblical verses, very few works were seen. I just really couldn’t see Tristan as a priest. He was a great character though. He is very edgy and hovers over being abusive.

Kady was hard to get a good feel for. She had to be strong and independent but she folds around Tristan. Knowing that having any type of sexual relationship is not permitted within the Catholic church, she makes no effort to help Tristan stay within his vows. I finished this book with questions and unsettled. The questions were easily answered with a quick Internet search and Ms. McCaffrey did some excellent research. The unsettled feelings, those I’ll have to process some more. This isn’t a light fun romance but more angsty and edgy. It may leave you thinking.

The Story: Tristan has known he wanted to be a priest since he was a young child. Nothing even came close to changing his mind except Kady. For her, he would have given up his vocation. In fact, that was the plan until she got pregnant and Tristan knew it wasn’t his. Now, Kady is back and it looks like Tristan’s priestly life is going to change.

Book Blurb for Father

Men of the Cloth - Tristan

No way in hell is he an ordained Catholic priest.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… Biker, cage fighter, Russian mafia hitman, maybe. Man of God, not so much. Because of the tat-sleeves or six-pack? Pierced nipple, perhaps. Is it the sun-streaked blonde hair and granite-hewn features making you doubt? It’s okay, I get it. Priests don’t typically come packaged in six-foot-two frames of shredded muscle. They don’t have panty-melting smiles or bedroom eyes the color of an ocean squall. They don’t make you think fallen angel.

No ma’am, I’m not anyone’s idea of a cleric, lookswise or otherwise. I think about sex a little too much. I’m not always good about following the rules. I drop F-bombs. I have a temper. And yeah, have shamefully broken a few vows. Would it also surprise you then to learn that despite all of the above I truly love God and the Church? That I received my calling when I was just nine? That I’d planned my life for the priesthood yet almost gave it all up for a woman?

Now just so we’re clear… This isn’t going to be some sappy romantic rendering of forbidden love à la The Thorn Birds. Sorry to disappoint. As for those expecting a smutty one-handed read about a hot holy father sporting junk as huge as his ego, apologies again. My name is Tristan, aka Father Cleary, and whatever else you may think this story is about… I respectfully suggest you think again.

*Advisory for strong language and sexual content.

Please note that Father is the first of the stand-alone series, Men of the Cloth. Visit website for more info.

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Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 4.00