Falling Softly

Compass Girls, Book 4

This story is the last one in the Compass Girls series. I can stand alone but this series is absolutely awesome. And, while it’s sad that it is ending, this story is a perfect ending. There is so much love throughout it; from between Sterling and Viho to all the members of the Compton family. This love will draw you in and quickly have you invested in all of the family. Emotions will come out as a beloved grandmother begins to lose her battle against Alzheimers and an unknown son makes his appearance. This story is complex and with depth making it come alive. I loved how it included all of the characters from all of the Compass books but in such a way that if felt natural and normal. After all, they are family and they should be in each others lives. I can’t tell Ms. Rylon and Ms. Carr how much I’ve enjoyed this book and this series. Their writing skills are fantastic and obviously complement each other. If you’ve never read one of their books, start……even with this one because you’ll just be going back for the rest.

Sterling is out for a ride when she comes across a broken down truck. Stopping to see if she can help, she soon finds herself being helped to multiple orgasms. Viho is just wanting to get away from the reservation he was raised on. He doesn’t expect to break down or to have a beautiful young woman stop to help. He really doesn’t expect for her to come on to him. He’s just passing through! Plus, he’s a lot older than her. Once Sterling’s father arrives on the scene, plans change and Viho finds himself facing a father he never knew. Now what?

Book Blurb for Falling Softly

The deepest falls aren’t always the hardest.

Compass Girls, Book 4

Darkness has crept into Sterling Compton’s charmed life, relentlessly stealing what’s left of her grandmother’s memories. When she happens upon a compelling stranger leaning against a broken-down pickup in the middle of nowhere, grief and a gut-deep attraction spur her to take that too-safe life by the horns.

From the instant Sterling emerges from her Jeep, Viho is drawn to her carefree spirit. Her innocent offer of a ride turns into the ride of his life in his truck bed—and he forgets why he meant to avoid Compton Pass at all costs.

He should have known that karma was waiting to laugh in his face. Especially when Viho figures out Sterling’s father is the one who stood between him and the man he should have called “father”.

Yet it’s tough to hate someone who offers him a job. Especially when he and Sterling realize there’s a living tie on the way that will bind Viho to her family forever—if he can convince her she’s much more to him than an obligation.

Warning: Sometimes it’s hard to let go, but every story has an ending. This one has a Native American hero with a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming and a vulnerable heroine who has a gift for polishing up diamonds in the rough. Some scenes may tug heartstrings so hard it’ll hurt, but the oh-my-god orgasms make up for it.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00