Falke's Renegade

Book three of Puma Nights

Her brothers have found mates but Heidi knows that she probably won’t and that children are highly unlikely. Her brothers can mate with human women while Heidi needs to find another shapeshifter and she’s never met one outside of her family. Javier is after the shapeshifter who killed his twin brother and their pregnant mate. He knows that killing him will not bring back his family or his ability to start another one but the one he had deserves justice. The trail leads to a small town in Washington State, a long way from Javier’s native Mexico. Injured in his shifter form, Javier is taken to the local veterinarian, Heidi. It doesn’t take long for Heidi to discover his secret but shapeshifters don’t allow strange shapeshifters in their territory. Javier has to deal with Heidi’s family trying to move him along, his growing attraction to Heidi and the desire for revenge. Heidi sees Javier as her one chance for a family. Will she get it?

This is the third book about the Falke family. Each is different and each is excellent. I had been wondering how Heidi was going to find a mate but never dreamed anything as exceptional as this story. However, for those who have not been reading this series, don’t despair. You don’t need to read the first two stories to thoroughly enjoy this one.

Awesome. I love this series and I loved this book. It is the perfect blend of romance, interfering family and revenge making me not want to put it down and wanting more when I had finished. (Luckily there should be one more story left as Heidi still has two unmated brothers.) The world developed is a wonderful blend of normal and paranormal. No one knows the Falke’s secret and they aren’t sharing. The characters come complete with unique personalities. Twins aren’t exactly the same and this large shifter family has their family dynamics down pat.

I highly recommend this story and series to anyone who loves paranormal romance.

Book Blurb for Falke's Renegade

Veterinarian Heidi Falke can tell that something isn't as it seems when she rescues an injured jaguar. Black jaguars aren't native to the area, and as a Falke, Heidi knows that some men can walk in the shape of a beast…literally. She won't let this seductive shapeshifter leave without getting some answers.

Javier Montero is on a mission: find the shapeshifter who killed his family and get the justice he deserves. This unexpected detour won't put him off for long, and what he has with Heidi can't be anything more than sex—even if it does feel different from anything he's ever known.

With Javier, Heidi discovers passion she never thought possible. She wants their connection to lead to a future together. Javier made a vow never to mate again after his loss…but if he wants to keep Heidi in his life, he'll have to decide how far he'll go for vengeance.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 5.00