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Ex-Heroes, #2

Constant danger, secrets, conspiracy and questionable allies come together in this book. The ex-humans (zombies or exes) are everywhere and supplies are getting hard to find. Keeping safe while looking for supplies isn’t easy, even with super heroes helping. Yep, super heroes in the shape of flying dragons and pure energy and more. Epic fights between super heroes and super soldiers occur after the two groups expectantly find each other. Are the soldiers really there to help or to take over? It seems as though these soldiers have their own agenda, all in the name of a United States that no longer exists! This gripping tale reveals several agendas going on unknown to each other and not always working towards the same goal. Where the survivors will end up is questionable. Loyalties are stretched and unexpected twists occur. Always remember though that the exes are trying to get you.

This is the second book in a series. You won’t have to read the first book to understand and follow this one though it appears that there is an awesome tail in the first book that you might want to check out. Expect lots of violence and other typical zombie type stuff going on. You got to stay safe somehow!

There are a few thousand survivors in the Los Angeles area who are holed up on an old movie lot. Groups must go out into the city trying to find supplies to keep everyone alive and comfortable. To help them are a few super heroes, people who have special powers. This group is leading the survivors which has a few of the survivors wanting a more democratic system. Regardless, on one trip, the group is approached by a military drone giving hope that they may be saved. Eventually the military shows up but it’s not exactly how anyone expected. Are the military there to help or to invade? What exactly is going on?

Book Blurb for Ex-Patriots

It's been two years since the plague of ex-humans decimated mankind. Two years since the superheroes St. George, Cerberus, Zzzap, and Stealth gathered Los Angeles’s survivors behind the walls of their fortress, the Mount.

Since then, the heroes have been fighting to give the Mount’s citizens hope, and something like a real life. But now supplies are growing scarce, the zombies are pressing in . . . and the heroes are wondering how much longer they can hold out. 

Then hope arrives in the form of a surviving US Army battalion--and not just any battalion. The men and women of the Army's Project Krypton survived the outbreak because they are super-soldiers, created before mankind's fall to be better, stronger, faster than normal humans--and their secure base in Arizona beckons as a much needed refuge for the beleaguered heroes and their charges.

But a dark secret lies at the heart of Project Krypton, and those behind it wield an awesome and terrifying power.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50