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Ex-Heroes, #3

Once again Peter Clines takes you back into a Los Angeles after the virus that turns people into zombies or ex-humans. There is a pocket of unaffected people who are struggling to survive and have been for 3 years. In this book, a voice from the past comes back to life but is he actually there to help or to lead everyone into a trap? And, there is a secret prisoner. Why and what did he do? A new character joins our favorites and has unique abilities. Plus, there seems to be a romance between St George and Stealth! So, expect lots of action and suspense in this book. It is so good that I couldn’t put it down until I finished which is saying a lot. As all the elements come together, will all the good guys make it out alive? Even within the community, there is an element of change. How will that change affect how everyone is living? This is a totally fun book to read and I look forward to more.

Yes, this book is part of an interesting series but it’s not necessary to read the entire series to thoroughly enjoy this book. However, you will want to know how the super-secret military project ended up in Los Angeles and what is it about the gang Seventeen? So, expect to find yourself going back to the beginning while waiting for more books to come!

ZZZap seems to be losing his mind as he talks to himself, but, is he really talking to himself? Actually, he’s talking to a ghost but how can he prove that to his friends? Max, the ghost, is looking for a body but every body in the compound is killed a second time so it can’t rise with the virus that turns everyone into an ex. Elsewhere, a 17 year old girl has woken up to find herself alone in the middle of the desert with exes everywhere. Can she make it to safety? Legion has learned how to take over the exes and is trying to take over the community of survivors. Can they keep him from accomplishing his mission? Lots of questions and lots of answers in this fast paced unique zombie book.

Book Blurb for Ex-Communication

“All of us try to cheat death.  I was just better prepared to do it than most folks.”

In the years since the wave of living death swept the globe, St George and his fellow heroes haven’t just kept Los Angeles’ last humans alive—they’ve created a real community, a bustling town that’s spreading beyond its original walls and swelling with new refugees.

But now one of the heroes, perhaps the most powerful among them, seems to be losing his mind.  The implacable enemy known as Legion has found terrifying new ways of using zombies as pawns in his attacks.  And outside the Mount, something ancient and monstrous is hell-bent on revenge.

As Peter Clines weaves these elements together in yet another masterful, shocking climax, St. George, Stealth, Captain Freedom, and the rest of the heroes find that even in a city overrun by millions of ex-humans...

…there’s more than one way to come back from the dead.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00