Escape from Obsession

The American Soldier Collection

Complex storylines and interesting characters kept me glued to this story. What could have been a simple story ended up having multiple layers from one very obsessed boyfriend to sexual harassment in the work place. Gia and the McCallister brothers were well thought out and interacted well with each other and the secondary characters. Many of the secondary characters were just as interesting and could easily have their own unique story. One hard to believe aspect of the story was the multiple menage couples in the area and that it was seen as normal. Yet, it worked. Fun, hot, sexy guys and caring relationships make this an awesome story and one that I will probably read again.

Gia Marie needed to run. Her boyfriend decided to share her with his business partner without asking her or wanting her opinion. Then, he almost beat a man to death in front of her. She needed to leave. Her only relative is a cousin in Texas but he has her come. Soon, Gia is living a new life; one without men in it. When her co-workers talk her into coming to a local bar, Gia meets Garrett McCallister. Garrett and his two brothers have been looking for a woman to make their own, similar to their parents relationship. Garrett is sure Wes and Gunny will be just as attracted to Gia as he is. The problem is Gia doesn’t want a relationship. Her fears from the past are stopping her. Can the brothers get her to change her mind?

Book Blurb for Escape from Obsession

Gia Marie Giselli’s boyfriend wanted to share her with his business partner, and she refused. She leaves New York the moment she gets a chance and heads to Houston, Texas. With the help of her cousin Teddy, a detective there, she finds a new home and tries to put her past behind her. In Texas she meets Garrett, Wes, and Gunny McCallister. Her world and impression of menage relationships are turned upside down. They want her, and as they try to convince her that this relationship is serious, some jerk from work attempts to assault her, making all her fears of men resurface. When they finally get through that incident, Gia's past reemerges. Can the McCallisters keep her safe and convince her that true love and compassion don't come in the form of fists, control, and fear? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Erotic Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00