Endless Affair

A 1 Night Stand Story

Fantasy, time travel, romance or something totally different or all three would give you a clue of how different this story is. It’s a short quickie that has elements of several genres. It’s fast paced yet not too fast as it explores the possibilities of traveling between dimensions and a love that never ends. It’s part of the 1 Night Stand series, but so different from the other books that I’ve read in this series. It’s uniqueness makes it special. The characters are very well done and the plot is detailed enough to keep your interest. What Tanith and Moira have done before becomes new once more.

Tanith met Moira years ago but due to a freak accident while exploring a cave he has been jumping from one dimension to the next. In each he searches for Moira, finds her and gets one night with her before jumping yet again. Each time his heart breaks as he leaves Moira behind, only to look for her again. This time is different though when Moira dreams a way to stop the continuous jumping, if he can figure out what it is.

Book Blurb for Endless Affair

Tanith is caught in a projectile portal, jumping from one dimension to another. The one thing that triggers his transports is the woman he can't live without: Moira. After years of searching for her in this world, he seeks help from the incomparable Madame Eve. The reward is the greatest pleasure he's ever known. The price is making them go through hell all over again.

Dance is prima ballerina Moira’s life and breath, but her soul yearns for more. Although she plans to ignore a mysterious invitation to a masquerade, her heart denies refusal. The draw to the enigmatic man across the room is intense and, without question, inevitable. With one dance, she's caught. With one kiss, she knows the truth…they've done this before.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50