End of Days

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End of Days

Night Runner Novel, Book 2

Zachariah Thomson and his best friend, Charlie are vampires. Zack’s been one for a while but just didn’t know it. Charlie has been one for about a year. Zack turned him. They live with Ophelia as they learn how to deal with all the cool things they can now do and cope with those that they will never do again.

Things were getting to be as normal as they could be when Zack and Charlie head to a local rave. There they find two vampires hanging out and as the vampire coven doesn’t allow child vampires to live, they took off. At that point, things start getting strange, scary and deadly.

Can Zack and Charlie trust the oldest vampire they have ever met? When they dealt with him last year, it wasn’t always good.

Zack has been arrested for killing a policeman. He didn’t do it but without being able to even make a phone call, how is he going to get out of jail?

Even worse, some large unknown creature is killing vampires! How is it going to be stopped?

Charlie and Zack may be young but sometimes age doesn’t matter.

Oh yeah, and last year when Zack turned Charlie, Charlie’s girlfriend, Suki’s sister, Luna was also turned. Their parents removed them from the area but the girls have returned against their father’s wishes. He really hated Zack before this so things don’t look good.

“I’m told vampires are popular in books these days.” is the first line of this book and gives the reader a pretty good indication that the author has a clue about what is popular in the ya genre. What is surprising though is most current ya vampire books are written from the girl’s point of view. This one has a unique spin as it’s the guy who is the main character.

With a male as the lead character, the emotions and angst that is normally seen is really toned down. After all, it’s not cool for a guy to be crying and whining. Instead, there is a lot of fighting and figuring. The tough male image is alive and well in Zack and Charlie. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some weaknesses in there. Zack really doesn’t like water and well, he’s hoping to get his first kiss.

There is a bit of a love connection going on but it is a minor part of the plot. Charlie and Suki are still a couple even though they are miles apart. When the girls return to the boys, they want to be together but it’s mostly innocent fun. Zack and Luna are still figuring out their relationship. After all, they still haven’t had their first kiss yet. In fact, poor Zack has never kissed a girl and isn’t real sure how to do it!

There is a lot of action and fighting as Zack and Charlie try to stay alive. There is also a lot of trying to figure out exactly what is going on. Besides the creature killing vampires, the coven wants the kids dead plus Zack finds out that he may be the subject of an ancient prophecy that relates to the End of Days. This led them through lots of interesting places and situations.

This is the second book in a series called Night Runner Novels. You do not need to read the first book to enjoy and follow this one but you would get all the details that are missing in this book such as why and how Charlie and Luna were turned into vampires. Still, not having those minute details does not distract from the story in this book.

I like the unique and interesting way this book flowed. The author obviously has been around teens and knows their language and customs. This gave a realistic feel to the characters and the situations. An excellent change of pace from many other ya vampire books and should attract readers from both genders.

Book Blurb for End of Days

Zachariah Thomson has spent the past year getting used to the idea that his best friend, Charlie, and the lovely Luna are now vampires, like him. As they learn to cope with the changes this brings, a mysterious creature appears. Likened to the Beast of the Apocalypse, it begins to dismantle the network of support around Zack, who discovers he is more than just an orphaned vampire – he is the subject of an ancient prophecy that relates to the End of Days. As friends and enemies, old and new, throw his world into chaos, he is forced to re-examine what it means to be good at a time when it seems that only the strong and ruthless can survive.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.25