Elves Can't Dunk

Fantastic story for kids of all ages. The imagination that went into this story is terrific. Besides all the wonderful characters at the North Pole like Santa, elves and flying reindeer; there are basketball playing bears, penguins and walruses. Not only do they play basketball but the talk! The story is broke down into manageable chapters making it the perfect chapter book for younger readers. Readers will enjoy all the adventures Sebastian has. Best of all, there are lessons on being nice instead of naughty. I definitely enjoyed this story and all the creativity that went into it.

Sebastian loves basketball and dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. There is only one problem with that. Sebastian is an elf and definitely too short to dunk. To pursue his dream, Sebastian leaves the North Pole and tries out. Maybe if he uses the magic corn Santa gives his reindeers to fly he will be able to dunk.

Book Blurb for Elves Can't Dunk

Sebastian decides to prove himself by trying out for his favorite professional basketball team. There's just one small problem-Sebastian is an elf at the North Pole and elves can't dunk! To solve this dunking dilemma, Sebastian takes some of Santa's magic feed corn-the stuff that makes his reindeer fly-to his tryout for the team. This corn will give Sebastian more hang time than Michael Jordan on the moon! When Sebastian's idol, Coach Tanner, discovers the corn, he begins to dream of winning championships with his team of losers. Tanner sets out on a mission to steal the corn from Santa and it's up to Sebastian and his best friends to catch him and save Christmas!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00