Elfing Around

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Elfing Around

Length: Short

This light hearted Christmas story is told by one of Santa’s elves while on assignment just before Christmas in southern USA.  Her name is Esmeralda Avangella Bottrice, better known as Essie.  Besides complaining about the hot weather, she’s checking to make sure the people on Santa’s good list belong there and the ones on the bad list belong on that one.  With the help of special elfin equipment, Essie is able to stay invisible which is great except when it stops working and she’s picked up by a local deputy as a hooker!


For someone that is supposed to stay unseen, being put in jail isn’t the way to impress the boss.  Thinking fast Essie begins to tell stories to the sheriff to explain her costume and why she’s in town.  While he seems to believe them, he also ends up taking Essie home with him.  What started out to be a platonic invite becomes more as the attraction each of them feels gets out of control.  What Santa doesn’t know won’t hurt…..at least until he shows up!


The humor in this short tale is wonderfully witty.  The character Essie is a delightful mixture of a naïve girl and a curious kitten.  She gives the reader an interesting insight into an elf’s world while trying to stretch the limits that she’s required to stay in.  Through her complaining and explaining comes the realization that Essie looks at the world a bit differently than a human but her heart is as big as the world she’s traveling. 


Essie’s sheriff, Dalton is a mixture of a good old boy and a caring giant.  He’s small town all the way but cares for everyone in it.  He’s raised his sister since his parents died and goes those extra steps to make his town as safe as he can.  Offering Essie a place to stay was as natural to him as checking all the business’s doors on his way home at night.  Though greatly attracted to her, he’s hoping to be able to take her out to dinner! 


Christmas magic is alive and well in this story which may be why I found this story to be so enjoyable.  Heck, Santa even makes an appearance.  What more can you want? 

Book Blurb for Elfing Around

Making the Naughty List is an Elfing good time!


It's December 23rd and Essie is far from the North Pole. She's an elf outta' luck: Her equipment fails and she's arrested by the local Barney Fife. She's willing to risk making Santa's Naughty List if it nabs her the sheriff of her dreams.


The only way out of trouble is through it, and Essie's elfish mix of nice and naughty can make it happen. Love, North Pole style, would wrap this adventure up with a shiny red bow. It'll take a holiday miracle to bless the by-the-book sheriff and a down-on-her-luck elf.


Warning: comedic sex, smoking hot elves and hunky men may land you on the Naughty List, but don't let that stop you!


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 5.00