Edge of Dawn

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Edge of Dawn

Light Warriors Book 3

Shona Blackwood is a glass artist but for the past couple of months she seems to have lost her muse. This scares her as glass has been her life for years. Still, she has a good life. Shona lives in the carriage house behind her parents’ home. She doesn’t really worry about money as she has few expenses. She has good friends who she likes to hang out with and go to the clubs with. What Shona doesn’t know is that her comfortable life is about to change after her good friend, Farran stands her up and Shona has someone attempt to mug her on her way to her car.
Logan Andrews is a troubleshooter for the Gineal. Gineal are magical beings that live on Earth. They are a well kept secret and plan on keeping it that way.   Troubleshooters cover areas and make sure that demons are killed and magical happenings aren’t seen by normal non-magical people. Logan’s new assignment is to watch over and protect Shona. This should be an easy assignment even with the mysterious seizures that Logan has been experiencing after using too much magic.
This easy assignment gets complicated quickly as Shona is attacked by several magical beings, Logan finds out that she has a necklace known as a draconia letting the Gineal know that Shona is a dragon mage and there is an attraction between Shona and Logan that can not be ignored. Can Logan follow the orders he has been given if it means hurting Shona? And Shona has no idea magic even exists so how does Logan let her know that she’s the first dragon mage the Gineal’s have had in a couple hundred of years? 
The characters in this book were great. Shona came across as a woman who was strong and confident even though she isn’t sure what is happening to her. She was able to adapt and accept dealing with the confusion and uncertainness later. Logan has his loyalties pulled and questions things he has grown up knowing to be truths. He has a supportive family that he is able to draw on as he becomes more involved with Shona and danger comes dangerously close. You aren’t sure about Farran as her family expects one thing out of her and she’s not sure that’s what she’s willing to do!
The action starts as the book begins with Logan fighting a demon on a remote trail and the action doesn’t slow down even to at the end of the book when Shona meets the brother she never knew she had. In between are fights, magic, love and lust. Just when you think things will slow down, something unexpected happens making you constantly wondering, what next. 
I left this book knowing that it had to be part of a series due to some of the scenes but instead of feeling as though I missed something important to this story, I felt as if I wanted to know more about secondary characters and what drove them as all of the characters were interesting and intriguing. 
This book takes place in a fantasy setting filled with romance giving readers of either fantasy novels or romance novels an excellent story.

Book Blurb for Edge of Dawn

Glass artist Shona Blackwood has lost her ability to create, but instead of panic, all she feels is apathy. Her detachment is shaken when she narrowly avoids being mugged, thanks to a timely rescue by a man who makes all her senses come roaring to life.

Logan Andrews is a magical troubleshooter assigned to protect Shona from an unseen enemy. Shona is unaware that magic actually exists and Logan is under orders not to tell her, but it isn't long before he finds his loyalty torn between his people and the passionate woman he is guarding.

He thought this would be a straightforward job, but Logan quickly realizes that in an edgy contest between magic and passion, love is destined to win.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.00