Duke with Benefits

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Duke with Benefits

Studies in Scandal, #2

A mystery, a murder and math? That’s how this historical romance starts and ends. It’s totally different as the woman, Daphne, is the mathematical genius and doesn’t mind tell anyone that she is smarter than them. Yet it takes a strong man to accept that fact and we have it in Dalton. This should have made for an easy romance except Daphne never wants to get married and Dalton has standards he will not compromise. Entangled around their relationship is a mathematical puzzle that when found will give the location to a fortune. People will lie, steal and kill for the puzzle and for it to be solved. This makes this an exciting story with twists, turns and unexpected surprises. I quickly learned to really like these characters and wondered what happened in the first book. I will be finding out as soon as I can! This is a terrific historical romance that is unique in that the female characters are lead characters with the men pretty much following them. I definitely have to recommend.

Daphne and three other young women inherit a house with a well-known library. Each of the women are experts in their field of study during a time when women aren’t to be too educated. Daphne knows maths and how to cipher puzzles. Dalton, the nephew of the original owner of the house, is intrigued by the women, especially Daphne. When Daphne proposes a liaison, he turns her down. He won’t deflower a virgin without a marriage. Daphne has no plans on ever marrying. Which one will win this contest of wills and desire?

Book Blurb for Duke with Benefits


Lady Daphne Forsyth is a brilliant mathematician with a burning passion for puzzles. When she learns that the library belonging to her benefactress houses the legendary Cameron Cipher?an encrypted message that, once solved, holds the key to great riches?Daphne is on the case. Unfortunately, her race to unlock the cipher’s code is continually thwarted by a deliciously handsome distraction she hadn’t counted on. . .and cannot resist.

Dalton Beauchamp, the Duke of Maitland, is curious as to why Daphne is spending so much time snooping around his aunt’s bookshelves. He’s even more intrigued by her bold yet calculating manner: She is unapologetic about her secret quest. . .and the fiery attraction that develops between them both. But how can they concentrate on solving a perplexing enigma once the prospect of true love enters the equation?

“Witty, sensual historical romance that will captivate readers.” ?Romance Junkies

Duke with Benefits is the second in Manda Collins' Studies in Scandal series set in Regency England.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50