Dream Shard

Dream, Book 2

This has got to be one of the best stories that Mary Wine has ever written. I quickly was enthralled with this fast paced action romance that has elements of psychic powers but also addresses the serious issue of PTSD. It has lots of hot military types and a surprise hero. Heck, it even has a baby being born and betrayal within the highest security group. There is nothing missing in this story nor is there anything else that you could want. It’s absolutely amazing and held my interest from beginning to end. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed this story. Don’t expect anything you would normally expect but get ready for a roller coaster that will leave you wanting more.

Kalin has gone to her grandfather’s remote cabin looking for peace. She is willing to try tribal ways to find it. However, she doesn’t expect to find an unconscious man coming down the waterfall when she’s in the pool’s healing waters! Her nursing instincts kick in to save this man. When she does though, she learns a few things; he’s lost most of his memory and he’s some kind of highly trained military man who is being hunted. Can she keep them safe or will they find themselves in more trouble than either imagined?

Book Blurb for Dream Shard

Body heat brought them together. Cold reality could tear them apart.

After surviving a brutal emergency-room shooting, nightmares have worn Kalin Smith down. Desperate, she retreats to her grandfather’s cabin and prays her Miwok heritage will bring her peace. In a mountain pool’s healing waters, she finds an unconscious, hypothermic man floating from upriver. When he comes to, it turns out he’s armed, dangerous…and she can feel him sifting through her thoughts.

Devon Ross can’t remember who he is, but he knows for sure he’s psychic and he’s being hunted. When men show up to take him and kill Kalin, instinct—and survival training—kick in. He takes her on the run, led only by a distant, flickering memory of a destination.

Danger turns up the heat between them, but as Devon’s memories gradually return, he remembers why he can never love again. He is an operative for an elite Army Ranger unit and his life is too dangerous. Particularly now that unscrupulous people know who he is.

Warning: Contains an empathic Army Ranger with killer instincts and well-trained hands, and a Native American nurse who knows just what to do with all his body parts.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00