Dream Shadow

Dream, Book 1

Intrigue, romance, special ops, betrayal and visions come together to create a book that is almost impossible to put down. There are bumps along the road to a happy ending and twists that come along unexpectantly which add more to this wonderful story. The characters are well done and fully developed making them interesting and real. Even the secondary characters come alive with subplots all their own. While you won’t find lots of sex, you will find caring and attraction. Emotions will pull at your heart. Though there are a few distractors, most concern the Grace’s employment which really doesn’t have anything to do with the main story.

I’ve always loved Mary Wine’s writing and read her historicals but this book is just as good, if not better, than those. Her writing comes through teasing the reader and grabbing their attention almost from the first word. No men in kilts but plenty of buff men. Romance is in the air and the mountains and in reenactment. Great story from a fantastic author.

Sheriff Brice Campbell needs to find a kidnapped child and has run out of options. He knows that the Army has a very gifted psychic and he hopes that he will be able to use her to find this child, even though this isn’t what she usually does. Grace doesn’t usually find children but she’s more than happy to help. She loves the feel of a child’s carefree feelings. Grace knows that she has to focus in order to find the child and Sheriff Campbell is making that hard. Brice, however, is willing to follow that attraction to learn where it might lead. Can he though when every time he turns around Grace is disappearing into the woods?

Book Blurb for Dream Shadow

She doesn’t need backup…until love backs her into a corner.

Sheriff Brice Campbell never met a psychic worth a dime. Until Grace. She’s the real deal, an Army psychic tracker with a flawless record for finding her target. And somewhere behind her bristling defenses is a woman he’s determined to coax out into the light of day.

Grace’s legendary ability to keep her emotions walled off from her gift is the key to her success. Unfocused equals unproductive. Only this time, her target is a child that’s gone missing. Worse, an unexpected attraction to Brice is messing with her concentration, big time.

Desire sends them both up in a firestorm of passion, which only makes it painfully clear that the Army’s secret weapon has one embarrassing flaw. In matters of the heart, she’s a rank amateur.

Brice is more than willing to help her navigate these unfamiliar waters, but bringing her heart out of the shadows exposes her to danger neither saw coming. And from which no army can save her.

Warning: Contains a small-town sheriff who isn’t going to let a few emotional walls get in his way, and a woman who can’t help but let him take hers down, brick by brick.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50