Dragons & Dirigibles

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Dragons & Dirigibles

The Gaslight Chronicles, #7

Dragons and Dirigibles is part of an extraordinary steampunk series and while you don’t have to read previous books to enjoy this one, it would give you a better idea about the characters. That being said, this is the first book that is more historical romance and less steampunk. That is not to say that steampunk elements are not in it but just not as much as in previous books. Also, as an added element to all of the books is a touch of paranormal which is intertwined into the story giving it a fantastic added dimension. In no way does it distract but it enhances. The characters are well developed and interesting; old fashion views meeting innovative ways can cause some sparks and fireworks! However, besides a romance brewing, there is the question of smugglers and these smugglers are smuggling more than liquor and lace! Everyone is a suspect and under watch including the two main characters. But, expect an unexpected twist and answers no one imagined. While lovers of fantasy and steampunk may not appreciate the heavy romance factor in this story, romance lovers will thoroughly enjoy. Regardless, I found the story to be fun, interesting and well worth reading.

Melody McKay is working on an experimental dirigible when she crashes onto Victor Arrington’s estate. She suspects someone helped with this crash and immediately suspects Victor. Victor is trying to figure out who is smuggling what onto his property when a dirigible crashes. Is this person part of the smuggling ring? Shocked to discover the pilot is a woman and determined to keep her away from his young niece, Victor’s determination is undermined by the niece. Soon, they learn that they need to work together to stay alive and keep everyone safe. Can they do it when they have such opposing views?

Book Blurb for Dragons & Dirigibles

When airship engineer Melody McKay's dirigible explodes and plunges her into the yard of a gothic manor, she suspects foul play. With her ankle injured—an indignity far too feminine for her taste—she resolves to crack the mystery while in the care of Victor Arrington, the stuffy-yet-disarming Earl of Blackwell.

Ex-Royal Navy Captain Victor runs a tight house and is on a mission to protect his niece and foil a ring of smugglers using fire-breathing metal dragons. He has no time for romantic attachments. Particularly not with women who fall from the sky wearing trousers and pilot's goggles.

As he and Melody navigate a treachery so deep it threatens the lives of everyone in Black Heath, the earl becomes unexpectedly attached to his fiery houseguest, and Melody discovers a softness in her heart for him. But when the smugglers strike, there's more at risk than just their future together.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50