Dragon Unmasked

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Dragon Unmasked

Dr. Grace Armatrade is a resident at the University of Michigan’s ER. She’s specializing in trauma and is doing a terrific job of it saving patients that others couldn’t. She was suppose to have started her vacation a couple of hours ago but she’s still treating patients. Most of her co-workers think she’s heading to warmer climes, away from the cold winter weather but she’s not. Grace is off to see her great Aunt Faith about some fugues she’s been having. These fugues are not physical but magical and though Grace doesn’t see to have much magical ability her Aunt Faith does. Now, if she can just get out of the ER so she can start her vacation!
Adam Zolton owns a tabloid in New Orleans that focuses on the strange. Usually they just write about unexplained phenomenon but sometimes they are able to expose frauds. One of Adam’s reports was invited by Faith Grimaldi to meet with her at midnight on New Year’s Eve. She wasn’t able to make it so Adam showed up in her place. He’s hoping that she will be able to give him information for a story and he’s not disappointed but he’s also thrown into a magical fight that he doesn’t want and is forced to look up Faith’s niece to get the information he needs. That niece has a history with Adam. That niece is Grace.
The fight that Adam has been drug into also involves Grace though she isn’t aware of it. Somewhere there is a mage who is the dragon. The dragon can enter minds and take all the information out that they want. The dragon is gaining power and when it has all it needs, it will be able to do whatever it wants. Can Adam get Grace to help him discover whom the dragon is and stop it? Wait a minute, Adam can’t do magic! Does Grace have more magical ability than she thinks she does? Lives depend on that fact but Grace has to believe it before she can weld it.
As Adam and Grace run keeping one step ahead of disaster, they aren’t sure whom to trust except each other. The last time they were together friends were killed and Grace seriously hurt. They were attracted to each other then and it seems that hasn’t changed. Before this battle is finished, loyalties will be tested, deaths will happen and Adam and Grace are going to have to trust their instincts.
Once again, Ms Nance brings her readers into a magical realm that sweeps you into it effortlessly and has you believing that it really may be possible. There is a lot going on in this story but it’s laid out in such a way that you can follow what is happening and have no problems figuring out who is what though whom the good guys are isn’t always clear. This story may be part of a series as there are a few things that have already happened that are brought up in this story but if there are previous books, I didn’t need them to thoroughly enjoy this one.
While there are a lot of characters to follow they are done so well that even those that don’t play a major role are defined enough to be able to grasp their essence. Khalil is a magic weaver. He wants Grace to trust him but he doesn’t seem trusting to her. Yet, though Khalil is definitely a secondary character, he is brought into the story and has multiple roles in it. Even Abby, Adam’s sister has her role in this story and she’s in New Orleans! With secondary characters being so well written, you know that Adam and Grace are exceptionally well done. 
The plot though extremely complex was easily followed. Adam was suspected by many mage to be killing mages. These mages had no problem going after Adam and trying to get Grace away from him. Grace can’t understand why her aunt sent Adam to her and why she thought Grace could work magic. With 8 mages dead and possibly more to come, a virtual library that holds the answers if Adam and Grace can open it and some strange coincidences happening, things move along at a rapid rate keeping the readers interest and keeping the plot moving quickly ahead.
I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book of Ms. Nance’s that I haven’t liked. She has a way of spinning a tale that is spellbinding. I haven’t read all of her works, obviously as I don’t know if one of the books that I’ve missed is a precursor to this one or not but I have found that even books that are part of a series can be read alone and enjoyed. Once again, she has written a book that is action packed, magical and romantic.

Book Blurb for Dragon Unmasked

The unknown betrayer attacks… I fear you’re next.

One by one, practitioners of magic are dying in violence, as if fired from within.  And the last words of a dead mage identify Grace Armatrading as the next victim.

Use Adam’s help; you need him.

Adam Zolton is the last person in the world Grace wants to trust.  Once before, he brought her to a fever pitch of need, then sacrificed her to pursue his own agenda.  Now she has no choice but to team up with the darkly dangerous enigma.

The dragon burns me.

Drawn into a twisting maze of fiery danger and desire, Grace fights off a deadly computer virus, violent thugs and her own uncontrollable blackouts.  But with Adam to balance her frightening paranormal gift, she will see the…Dragon Unmasked.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00