Double Play

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Double Play

Holly Hutchins has a knack for finding secrets.  This knack is how she does her job; writing a blog.  Her series of stories has gotten her national notice and this time her series will be concerning expansion baseball team, the Pacific Heat.  She’ll interview the players, hang out with them, travel with them to away games and write her blog.  She knows that there is a secret there somewhere and she’ll find it. 

Pace Martin is the Pacific Heat’s star pitcher.  At the rate he’s going the Heat stands a good chance of going for the pennant.  He’s having problems with his shoulder though and fighting to stay off the disabled list. He’s not ready to give up and is hoping that the media isn’t going to notice. While coming in off the field in pain, he notices Holly. He has no desire to give Holly the interview that Samantha aka Sam, the PR rep, set up. Trying to leave Holly behind, he’s is suddenly forced to use her as a decoy when an out of control fan attempts to ambush him. This isn’t going the way he wants it to!
Holly’s appalled. She’s here to learn secrets, not form a crush on the handsome pitcher! It doesn’t help that he seems to be attracted to her too. Is this just a celebrity sports figure looking for a one night stand or could this be real? What secrets are hiding behind the tight knit Heat team? Can it really be all sweetness and light that Holly’s seeing? As Holly hangs around the clubhouse asking questions, she’s finding out more than she expected and not just in the sports arena!
This was a very good romance. The characters were interesting as was our view of the behind the scenes in professional baseball. 
Holly was rooting for secrets. What she shared was some of the highlights and the pitfalls of being a professional sports hero. What most people see as a glamorous overpaid profession is actually hard work with many possible disasters waiting to happen. Is the scramble to the top worth anything or everything? Drugs, sex, injuries and community are part of this world and Holly shares the good, bad and ugly with us as she investigates the Heat.
Holly and Pace were not perfect characters which made them perfect. Holly had issues left over from childhood that influenced her carrier and her lifestyle. Pace equally had issues from childhood. These issues as they really were not problems, made if hard for them to trust. However, once trust was given, if was harder for it to be broken.
This book could almost be described as a sweet romance except for the hot sex and hotter guys. I’ve never been a fan of baseball but after reading this book, it’s an option that I may look into. I found myself being charmed by the different players and wishing I could share some of the closeness that have. Hey, when a whole team decides that a good kiss is a lucky charm, I’d love to be part of that charm.
I wanted more. I wanted to know more about the players on the Heat. Luckily, I know that at least one more book will be coming out so I can continue to droll over these hunky ball players as the beginning of the next book is previewed at the end of this one. Now, that the pitcher is taken, I can’t wait to read about the catcher!

Book Blurb for Double Play

He's a great pitcher...and a great catch.

With the end of his career looming, the last thing ace pitcher Pace Martin needs is a distraction, even if it comes in the form of a tough, beautiful, tell-it-like-it-is writer who sees past his defenses.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.75