Dos Lunas

Lucky in Red

This is a fairly short story that wasn’t exactly what I was expecting; I still totally enjoyed it. Paranormal and BDSM are an interesting combination especially when the shifter is the submissive. And, no, it isn’t a bunny shifter but a wolf. There are plenty of secrets being kept as Diego and Victoria work on figuring out their relationship. As they come to light, they will change everything. There are a few twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting and a couple of them didn’t seem to transition well. Yet, I enjoyed this story. The characters were interesting. The scenes well written. And, the secrets were great. I would have loved this story to be a bit longer and have a bit more depth. But, it is a great lazy day story and worth reading.

Victoria is working at the library but that isn’t where she’d like to be. She has a degree in journalism and wants to go back to reporting. However, she’s made some enemies and staying undercover is keeping her safe. That doesn’t mean she’s not checking things out like Diego Lobos and the werewolf rumors. Soon, Victoria is going to know more about both and she’s going to have to make decisions that will change lives.

Book Blurb for Dos Lunas

He’s a successful businessman, has a hot girlfriend and drives a nice truck. But all the trappings of a good life are little more than a lie. Underneath, there’s a void big enough to drive his truck right through. Something’s broken inside Diego until Victoria Talbot walks into Tres Lobos dry cleaners, bearing a gorgeous dress and a dominant attitude.

Victoria isn’t quite what she seems. Her icy blond appearance masks the heart of a skilled Domme. Her job at the library hides the true reason she’s in Sleeping Dog, Texas. In a move that will either make or break her flagging career, Victoria is chasing down rumors of werewolves in town, and she’s pretty sure those rumors are true.

Unfortunately, all the clues lead to roguish Diego Lobos. Everything about the man puts him firmly off limits, but somehow, he captures her with his wild nature and titillates her with hints of a submissive streak that’s just too alluring to ignore.

A night of play is a bad idea, but it’s just too good to resist. Because sometimes the bad ideas turn out to be the best ideas of all.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00